Monday, November 26, 2018

Has it REALLY been 2 Weeks?
since I last made a blog post? Really? It doesnt seem like it~ time is going by so fast! I have been working on my front casket panel a little when I can steal some time. I have the clouds done, and the base foliage, thats about it. Working on a zillion little rose petals for the roses, I am up to 66 made to far,  and that is only for the back layer of petals on the attached flowers...I will have just as many or more for the interior petals....I havent decided yet if I will make fully detached roses yet...will have to see how it looks first. 
Thanksgiving came and went in a flash, I have managed to get the rest of the floor in the house finished, so I am super happy to have that done. Only 18 years of living here it has taken me to get the floor in...(.now you see the significance of the snails on my casket.)
Working madly on Christmas orders, if you order a slate frame now tho, I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. Working on next years classes and kits....I am hoping sometime in all that I will feel the urge to put up the Christmas tree in the gallery. At this point, a little voice in my head says 
'whats the takes so long to put up, it will be up just a few weeks and  you will have to take it down again'
I recall this time of year passing alot slower when I was younger....

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