Monday, February 01, 2021

 Happy February!

   I hope you all are well! It's has certainly been a while since my last blog post, and I apologize for that.  2020 was quite a year ...I wont be lying when I say I am glad its over! So much stress and heartache, I found myself in need of a distraction so I picked up an old quilt I had started some while ago...over a year ago actually, and have been working on it while watching the evening shows with the family. This is a technique called Broiderie Perse, which is basically chintz applique. It's the center of Di Ford Hall's Giggleswick Mill Sampler quilt. I had started it and then put everything in a bag and forgot about it. When a friend told me Di had passed away this past year, I was shocked that I didnt know, and so dug it back out.  

My online 17th c Beadwork class Beneath Thy Poft Oak students are motoring right along. Shown above is Patti T's progress thus far~ just look at those pretty legs! Patti has never EVER beaded anything before. Im super proud of all my students and how quick they catch on. We have a live chat every month where they can ask questions and talk together as a group which I have really enjoyed. I'm excited to be working on my next set of 17th c beadwork classes~ not telling what they are just yet, just that I am once again sparkling with anticipation to see them finished. Last year was a hard year for me and I was starting to wonder when my sparkle would come back, if it all.  I will be running this class again in the late fall, if you would like to be put on the wait list just drop me a line at

I am busy designing this years special Ornament Kit as well~ Bolivia V. sent me these pictures of her finishes for last years Fanciful Story and the Ort King from 2019. She did a super job and changed up some things to make them her own. I LOVE how she stitched the Ort King's hair to resemble a Barrister's wig. It makes my heart smile to see my kits finished & enjoyed by their makers.

I have restocked the ETSY shop with more #16 Bead needles and the ever popular black mourning straight pins. I have also decided this year I would offer a bit of my favorite threads and stitchy things~ like the above size 4 silk wrapped purls in my favorite pansy colours

Just look at these colours~ SOOOOO yummy! The gold on the bottom is new to the line, 0544, and it is THE most fantabulous gold for 17th and 18th c periods. Its clear and bright, just spot on. I have already swapped out all my 2533 with this colour. It just makes things POP~ can you tell how much I love it?

And feast your eyes on this gorgeous precious TINY braided cotton cording. Everyone loved the natural colour so well I got it in in black~ makes wonderful shoelaces and drawstrings for my dolly focused folks. Its minuscule, not even 1/16th inch wide....really great stuff!

Two of my 4 children have got their covid shots parents just got theirs this past week and I am anxiously awaiting to get my own~ perhaps their may indeed be a light at the end of this never ending tunnel I seem to be trapped in....