Friday, March 23, 2012

A comical Farmyard Fragment....

Thought you would enjoy seeing this fragment of an early printed child's handkerchief. Perfect for the Spring season....of a rooster eyeing up a baby chick just out of its shell...........

Roller plate printed on linen in brown, this is but one single panel of a collection of several most likely

Both it's size (8.5" tall and 14" across), and the fact that it is hemmed on only 3 sides, suggest it is one of a grouping~ probably 4 tall and 2 across, that would have been cut and hemmed on 2 sides for the large size handkerchief popular in the early 19th c. The common size of single panel late 18th c to 1800 handkerchiefs is around 29" square.

3 sides have been turned and whip stitched in nice, even little stitches

The selvage edge is shown at far left. Across the bottom, it reads "Does your Mother know you're out" The printing is exceptionally fine on this, it could be anywhere from 1800 to 1840's....tho there is just something about it that tells me its most likely from the 1820's to early 30s. There is a popular song written in the 1840's by this name, but the subject of that is a young man, and really has nothing to do with the subject of a young female all alone with a male towering over her asking...ahem, hello there....does anyone else know where you are??? The whole vibe of this reminds me and is so very similar to the first quarter 19th c chapbooks or Sunday school books, meant to teach lessons and such~ would not surprise me a bit to find this exact engraving in one someplace~ something to add to my list to look for!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Most Exhilarating Find!

I am working on reproducing this wonderful 17th c embroidered jacket for my Marguarite, I really LOVE the shape of it....but the simple, yet complex squiggle is so unique, its made this piece from the Manchester Art Gallery one of my all time FAVORITE jackets~ you can visit it online here :

Anyways, I was looking thru my copy of the Feller Collection 1, and ohhhh my golly! Nearly fell O*U*T* of my chair~ it is SO exciting~ the gentleman's cap on page 110 is the EXACT same embroidery pattern. I'm not talkin somewhat similar....I mean exact!

As you can see, it has the motif worked in gold, with the black surrounding it, while the jacket is entirely done in black. I am wondering if these two pieces, separated for so many years, should make it a date and get together~ is the linen the SAME they are worked on??? Perhaps m'Ladye loved her jacket so much, she made her Love a matching cap????? The world is a puzzle, HISTORY is a puzzle, just waiting for all the pieces to get on the same table to be fit together again. Thank the Gods for the Internet!!!!

If you don't have a copy of this wondrous book, it is a definite must have if you have even the slightest interest in 17th c embroidery, clothing or history. I recommend getting it right from the source~ not a cut rate discounter~ you can order a copy here!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

" Hmmmm......" , says Dollye Llama....what is going on in there?????

Mamma Meisie had triplets last night :) Two little does and a buck, and all of them look just like their Pappa Luke!

The one on the right here is 'Half Pint', cause she is the little runt, about half the size of her brother & sister. She is still having a hard time getting her legs figured out....

This is the little buck, 'Dollar'....Pip and Emma had a bet going, of how many girls and boys would come. Pip bet on boys, so she is so happy she at least gets one dollar!

And their sister, well she is sweet as ever, but no name yet. They're all resting comfortably and waiting for their Auntie Kate to drop her kids now to get some playmates :) I was figuring Meisie was at least a week ahead of Kate, so a few more days to wait.....

Spring is Here!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If one is to walk quietly along the Olde Towne Road, over the little footbridge and past the schoolyard where our girl Gilly is nearly always out shooting marbles with the boys....past the break in the plank fence where Olde Man Punkin lost control of his sheep (and has yet to fix).....past that and a little further to the shaded row of oak scrubs, you may incounter one, or a number of, a little fur family that has inhabited the oak row for eons and eons.
It was on one particular day, that I happened upon Minie Mouse (pronounced MINE-E), out and about gathering mosses for her mossy scrub facial & whisker creme that is so popular with the elder ladye mice. Perhaps she will whip up a batch and let you try it out, as it really does leave ones skin and whiskers shiny and conditioned like none other.............not that I admit to having any whiskers ;)

Minie is currently available, along with Memita Ballerina, on the TDIPT Mercantile~ just follow my link to the right to get there!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'M' is for March SALE!

I have some wonderful things lined up for the Museum this year, wonderful, wonderful things~ but I need your help! Every Diamond K Folk Art purchase directly supports the Museum, and this year I am humbly asking for your help to bring a very important mid 18th c Christening set to the collection for study. We currently have a scant few single odd pieces, but not an entire set~so if you have been mulling any dollye in the ETSY shoppe that name begins with an 'M', now is the time to go check them out, theyre on sale!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pitter Patter of Little Feet..........

Shhhhh. Be very still. Can you see her? Ohh precious one is so shy....

I will keep trying and see if she will come out to say hello in time for the 14th March update on the Mercantile :) She is absolutely adoreable!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Beautiful day here in the Madrid~

I am so ready for spring! Soon things will be multiplying around here again....Meisie should be kidding any day now, Kate is about a month behind. We have 2 baby llamas, brother & sister, 6 months old and ready to tromple little weener dog Dixie, who thinks she rules these here parts.....

and the 2 hooligans~ WHAT characters these are~ dark one is Lafayette & pretty white girl is Bonaparte. Theyre so silly, cant see a THING thru their pouff of feathers on top....(really)

Mamma's Kate & Meisie just looking perplexed trying to figure out what the heck weird chickens these are.....

I kinda feel a bit upstaged by these two girls, especially Bonaparte~ she looks like shes just got back from the hairdresser all the time, and I cant remember the last time I got mine cut...what's up with that? Theyre sure cute tho, dont you think?

Yep, we're all ready for spring to spring itself around here!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

For Your Pleasure~

A wee tiny dancer will make her debut 7pmCST 14 March, on the TDIPT Mercantile~ I hope you will stop by and say hello, she is very special and most definately o.n.e. of a kind!