Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Ramblings .....
Time has gotten away from me a bit here on the blog, I do apologize. It's taken me getting sick as a dog to slow down enough to write a little update.  I have been wanting to post some on our trip to Yellowstone this summer, and now all the sudden its nearly Hallowe'en.  The children are busy with their school things~ Josh is in Football and Tressa Volleyball, so every weekend and then some has been occupied going to some game or t'other.  We have had wonderful rains~ no flooding like our friends up north of us, thank goodness.  It seemed all was well and was time to settle for a good winter hibernation, until our bear dog champion Lumpy woke us up the other night to a bear who had decided it needed our bees...well, not the bees, just the honey. We are still not sure if the Queen survived, I hope she did. We had her in the bottom super with an extruder so she couldn't get up to the top (so no babies in the honey combs), so hoping hoping she is OK. We lost a LOT of bees~ just broke my heart. They work So  so very hard for us and now they are just all kerboppled. Poor deares~

 I have been planing a little exhibit of early baby things, and had a gown out this morning to do a bit of a darning on, thought I would share how it came out with you, along with another example of how simple careful padding can take the place of a hasty unneeded 'repair'~

  Funny thing how things find me~ I was looking along eBay and here was a hideous pair of doll shoes that had been spray painted metallic gold. blek!  I noticed in the tile however tho, it said 'two' early pair doll shoes. So I clicked on it, and aside from the gold beamers, here were these lovelies starring back at me.  I emailed the seller to ask about them, and to them, they were absolute junk, the gold pair were the stars, and well, if I only wanted these, how about 10 bucks?  sold!

 Above is how I find so many wonderful things, wadded and crumpled up in the corner, flattened out in the bottom of a box~ just a piece of ol junk until someone who knows what they are gives them a little love~
  c1750 with inserted spring heels, wonderful kid leather childrens shoes~ I actually think they were childrens shoes from the wear to the soles and the rip on the side~ actually it has another repaired rip right next to it the length, from a stress of getting a chubby foot in there no doubt.  I have done not a thing to them, ties are original, leather is still nice and soft~ I padded them with inert polyfill inside white nylon netting sleeves
 The shoe closest to you is the squished and battered precious in the first picture. I try to keep my repairs to the absolute minimum, and only pull out my needle and thread (NEVER stitch witchery or glue or iron on teflon crap!!) when I absolutely need to~

  This little Christening gown, was given to me to cut up for doll clothes...gasp. The thought makes me ill~ it was in great need of a loving needle~ but all parts where there! It has been waiting a while for me to tend to it~ its really a wonder of shadow stitching applique and weensie tucks. I put a bit of mustard cloth behind to show the state of the bodice. The back had a long vertical tear from base of the back opening to the hem, with several parallel to it~ it literally looked like someone tried to put it in a shredder.  I apologize for the lighting of the picture~ I prefer to sit by the window in the morning and sew when my eyes are best~ especially when the stitching is as fine as on this piece~What can I say, I love a challenge~

I think it cam out fabulous~ just took a bit of time is all. I restitched all the shadow appliques and backed the two lace insertions with silk crepline, then darned the lace to the crepline.

 This is a view of the hem. Hours upon hours were spent stitching this little dress~ I know from simply how long it took me to do this little bit I did~ back in a time when each and every stitch was placed with love and intent~ it has lasted nearly two centuries~ I am not about to be the one of its un~doing!  
   So the next time you are at a tag sale or yard, whatever~ forget about what is up front on the viewing display~ go dig around in the boxes under the the basement~ anything marked 'garbage' or 'rags'~ especially  rags!~ you may find a gem!