Saturday, November 28, 2020

Size 16 bead needles back in stock

 In My ETSY Store

I just restocked the ETSY store with more of the tiny bead needles and also more of the black straight pins or mourning pins~ those two usually sell out as soon as I restock, so if you have been waiting go check them out! The link to the store is in the right hand sidebar 

I have bendable pins~ oh my golly they are AWESOME. If you havent seen them go check it out there is a little video on the listing~ they are made from special wire and when bent, actually spring right back to straight~ AWESOME pins!

For my dolly makers I have listed some of my ultra favorite tiny cotton laces~ yes, ALL cotton laces less than a quarter inch wide. Also a minute braided cotton cording thats just to die for~
I restocked the heirloom sewing kits which have 3 indispensable spools of silk and linen threads, 2 each needles of three different sizes and a cake of pure beeswax

If you have been mulling over the 2020 limited edition ornament kit, I have just five left. The link to purchase those is here
Happy Stitching XOXOXOX

Friday, November 20, 2020

Special Original 17th c Blackwork Nativity Spool Tray Available

 Humbly Born in a Stable Rude

It's been a very challenging year for me this year, as I am sure it has for many of ya'll as well. Sometimes the stress and just absolute heartbreak just gets to be too much for me so I try and trick myself into not thinking about it by really concentrating on other things. I had been wanting to make something special to offer for Christmas for quite a while, but just wasnt feeling it, if you know what I mean.  Earlier this year a really awesome 17th c redwork panel of Moses in the Rushes was sold at auction, and one day when I was numbly going thru my saved pictures to keep my mind occupied. I landed on that picture. At that moment, I knew what I wanted to make and spent the rest of the day drawing out a 17th c Nativity scene.

I took inspiration from  three 17th c embroideries~ there arent that many with Nativity subject matter. I know of one tent stitch piece at the V&A that is so bright and colourful, it doesnt even look like a Nativity scene until you start really investigating it. A woman is sitting by a stream above a grotto surrounded by shaded green hollocks....and then you notice there is a baby aside her...then you see the sheep and shepherds in the background and realize the man on the other side of her is Joseph, there is a stable with a donkey and cow...there is an angel...its all very subtle.  I didnt want my nativity to be subtle!

The angle is above looking down on Mary who is kneeling aside baby Jesus in his manger. Joseph is standing aside the stable with two shepherds kneeling with their sheep to the other side of Mary.  I tried to fit a donkey into the stable but he just didnt fit without making it look over detailed. Joseph's dove flies overhead and of coarse no 17th c scene would be complete without a huge mulberry tree ;)


I love painting blackwork and after sharing this with a friend, got immediate feedback to make it into a black or redwork project to ...perhaps a special for next year 

For now though, this is my one special offering for Christmas 2020. I made it from a beautiful piece of hard maple, and fit it with 21 pegs. Yes~ 21 pegs! My largest spool tray to date. As you can see above both the small and large spools fit on it nicely. It measures 8 & 1/4" x 7 & 3/8". 

Signed and dated on the bottom of coarse

This special tray is available at a cost of 650.00 including shipping~ a direct reflection of how expensive wood has become, and how many hours I have into it. If you love it and would like to purchase it you can email me at