Monday, July 20, 2020

2020 Annual Limited Edition Ornament Kit

Fanciful Story is here!

I am so excited to share this years limited edition ornament with you all. It's been a real challenge this year to get this ornament together. Due to the pandemic, I started several different ornaments on more than one occasion and had to scrap them because I was no longer able to get the materials for them. I finally decided, that since this year is the fifth year of my series, I was going to design something GOLD. My version of five golden rings I guess???
I designed this ornament as a combination of an embroidered book cover,  and further study of my favorite embroidered jacket at the V&A in London, England. I wanted to know what that jacket looked like when it was newly made. I wanted to feel how heavy it must have been.... I wanted to feel and manipulate the fabric to see how it moved encrusted with all those gold spangles!  So I designed this book cover in the same fashion, with the same embroidery and ratio of gold spangles....and have to say, it is amazing in person. 
As well...each and every one of the 1260 gold spangles used is attached with an antique opal glass bead. So finally beads are making their way into the ornaments!
Cost wise it is the most expensive of all my ornament kits, but this is absolutely due to the amount of real gold on this piece. You will use nearly 2 full spools of gilt smooth passing, and, like I said, an astronomical amount of gold spangles.  The embroidery itself when finished weighs nearly as much as the book that it is covering. 
And speaking of that book~ they are marvelous little miniature books~ Each kit will randomly have either The Night Before Christmas, or The Nutcracker.  

If you are interested in purchasing an ornament this year, you can find ordering info here

Monday, July 13, 2020

2020 Limited Edition Heirloom Christmas Ornament Kit

Coming Soon!

I have been getting more and more questions...when is this year's ornament kit coming? where is it??? Did I miss it?  
The answers....its coming, yes yes...and no, you didnt miss it, I have just had a bear of a time this year trying to design around materials I can actually get.  I think you will really like it~ the embroidery is all done now~ just have the finishin to do