Monday, December 31, 2007

My New Heirloom Victorian Love Token Valentines............
As promised, I have some wonderful new pretties for 2008! Above is one of my 'new' heirloom valentines, or remembrals. It was a very popular past time in the early~mid 19th century to give tokens of affection to friends and loved ones that contained precious bits of hair, flowers and ribbons. These are my versions.
They are made to hang on the wall, and are very nice size at 6x9 inches, not including the hangers. this one has a beautiful reproduction of a Victorian sentiment, that I have hand painted with watercolors.
Inside, you will find 2 gentle hair mementos, one strawberry blonde, very delicate and braided, arranged into a bouquet of graceful loops, 3 for the trinity......this one held by a crimson wax seal, made from a c1820 antique letter seal. It shows a flower, and says 'Forget me Not'.... below it I have inked the name 'Jane'
This is a side view~ another black hair piece, along with some dainty dried straw flowers, and red silk ribbon are contained permanently inside a wonderful vintage thick papered box with window front. Each are one of a Kind, and this one can be found in my Mantua Maker's Mercantile Blogstore~( link is in the upper right hand corner)
Two sweet dollys............

This is Anna Elizabeth, a special Queen Anne doll I sculpted in memory of my Grandma Ioerger that passed away on the 3 Nov this year. Isn't she just pun intended
My Hannah Pippin loves her too. Why make dollys and not let my wee ones play with them? Often all they hear from me is 'No touching~ NO touching!!!!'......but how can I say no to "Peease Peease Mommy...dollee dolleee peeeeeease"? Pippin is so careful~ its really surprising how gentle a 2 year old can be. I snapped this picture of them both in front of the little tree here in the gallery this morning..right before Anna got a big kiss from Hannah!
Pippin thought Anna might like a pony ride on the cast iron horse keeping watch over the tree.... I think she did enjoy herself immensely

Anna is 18.5" tall, hand sculpted mache. She wears antique linen stockings and reproduction shift, with bonnet made from precious lil bits of early 19th century embroidery and lace. Her eyes are c1840 pupiless black........ One can't help but wonder over all the Christmases past they have seen
If you look closely you can see the rising sun I used for my makers mark this past year~ Anna is the last, out with the old, and in with a new mark for '08. I have so many wonderful things planned for this year. I hope everyone who makes time to come and visit the Blog has a wonderful New Year, filled with much happiness, and health. I just cant thank you all enough~ it means so much to me to be able to share the art & history I love so much with others~
God Bless~

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas my Dear Friends~ I wish Peace on Earth, and Good Will to *ALL* Men

Sunday, December 09, 2007

From the Establishment of G. Brodie..............

'51 Canal St, New York.....As the approach of the cold weather will render our lady friends thoughtful about their winter garments, they will, we trust, be gratified that we are at pains to afford them several styles which the modistes of Paris have prepared for the season'..............

I know I certainly would be most gratified to have received the above such 'Raglan' for my Christmas gift in 1855! Or maybe even the 'Andalusia' pictured below
We keep a library of period fashion publications here at the Museum, and I am often asked if the clothing did in fact, look like the ones advertised. I have sat for many an evening and dreamt what it would be like, to receive the latest copy of Godey's or Peterson's Lady's National Magazine...and behold the excitement when the latest fashions were 'pictured'. I wondered if they were like the fliers we get now a days.....but unlike a photograph....did the actual garments live up to their neat & precisely engraved counterparts???? All was answered for me one fall afternoon, when an older gentleman, John Brown, offered me one of his Grandmother's cloaks

I wonder if this masterpiece also once had a name? With name or without, it is a masterpiece of handiwork and design. Its quite warm, the outer shell is a lush black velvet, heavily hand embroidered. The inside lining is a quilted silk over wadded inner layer. It is pictured over a bronze plaid silk day gown, also c1855. These two most certainly could have been worn together, the gown's skirting is fully lined for winter warmth.

The tailoring and fit is exquisite, giving the privileged wearer a most becoming silhouette
2 tiers of hand knotted silk & chenille fringe are an elegant effect over the separate sleeves
It is hard to imagine the hours of hand work that went in to this fabulous cloak. And from this example, I sit and drool all the more at the others pictured in my Lady's Book for 1855..... how I would love to find an actual 'Raglan', 'Andaluisa', 'Le Caprice' or 'Mary Stuart'!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Visit with Santa...

All families have their traditions....ours is no different. I thought I would share a precious photo with you all that I bring out every year for Christmas. I took 3 of my 4 children this year, to see the dept store Santa...they all know he's just a worker bee for the Big man....but important, just the same. I had to laugh...looking at my freshly printed pictures today. There is my son Josh, he's 9, proudly standing with one leg on each side of Santa's knee......looking closer, there is his FLY open! ::::sigh:::: Moving on, gee~ theres not one, but 3 poses of my sweet Emma, she's 6 ~ guess the photographer could tell she loves to have her picture taken. And lastly, my precious Pippin. 2 years old in Sept, her first trip to sit on Santa's lap. hmmmmmm.........yes, just as I expected~ I have to laugh out loud, as I look at her picture~ SWEET picture.....there she is, sliding off Santa's lap, he's got one arm around her trying to hold her up there, while he catches his glasses in the other hand, her big pouffy pink coat is all pulled up and bunched under her chin, her face is red as a cherry, eyes are clamped shut, her mouth is wide open and you can almost hear her window shattering screeching thru the precious is THAT! I'm still giggling, when I look up on my mantle, and see this picture of my Mother~ Barbara Ioerger. I think this was around 1949 or just may have been her first meeting with the Big Man, by the look on her face. Wonder what she asked him for???

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Special Christmas Queen Anne Dolly, Mifs Penelope Pringle,
Wishes you all a most Merry Christmas! I think I will name her in charge of the decorations on Olde English.....she has already re~arranged the tin candle tree's tapers~ none of them fit right and she gets so befuddled when one starts to tilt. She has convinced me to change them out with some wonderfully aged hand dipped ones in a dreamy Christmas red color, so we have some on order, soon to arrive in the post. Isn't it funny the things a person can look forward to!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Just how far behind can one get I wonder????????????

Ohhhh such a busy time of year! It seems there are never enough hours in the day.....and its getting dark so early now~ I find myself just sitting in the quite gazing upon the Christmas Tree. Sometimes I remember the happenstance of each little ornament....sometimes remember trips as a little girl to go cut the Christmas Tree 2 weeks before the big day................sometimes I don't think of anything at all.......I just sit and stare at all the beautiful twinkles of light dancing ever so gracefully thru the branches. I will be updating the blog soon~ am starting to get back into my old routine since my parents left last week. They drove down from Wa state as a wonderful surprise for Thanksgiving.........I can honestly say the very best holiday I have ever had~ EVER!

Dolly is coming along~ she is so proud of her new panniers...she thinks she will be the first in her city to wear a set......I just didn't have the heart to tell her everyone is wearing them nowadays. A proper girl just doesn't ever mention such things.