Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New on eBay this week

A Palette for SPOOLS!!! YAY

For folks, like me, who stitch with silk & threads on spools.....I designed this palette to hold those little buggers nice and secure! I am currently stitching with filament silk and ANY little thing would snag on my spools and they would go onto the floor. Well not any more~ I designed a new palette, for spools~ made me one and love love love it!  

 Center is painted with my signature roses and pansies

    No more messy sewing or side tables! Now you can keep your spools nice and tidy, and right where you need them! If you like this one,  made from a pretty piece of oak, its on ebay this week! 
 You can see it here , or click the link to my eBay specials on the right sidebar

Monday, February 06, 2017

on eBay this week!

New Flemish Fantasy Thread Palette Set
 Ever since I made the Flemish Slate Frame, I have wanted to translate that to a thread palette set and finally finished it!  It is by far and far, the most favorite yet of all the palette sets I have made. I designed a new shape thread palette as well, with even more holes~ 24! What makes this set extra special, is the addition of 22k gold that I brushed on over the paint~ it sparkles so pretty!

 I designed the shape of the thread winders after Flemish door designs~ all three are different and this one is my favorite~ if you would like to see the other two, and place a bid if you love it~ the set is available on eBay this week and you can find it here , or click on the link in the sidebar to my eBay specials. 

Not only are the fronts of the winders gilt, but the edges as well (forgot to add that to the eBay listing)

Both front and back of the palette is painted...I really love this design...maybe I need to make a box.......