Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome Little Friends!

Today our most anticipated little workers finally arrived! My husband has been pacing and looking foreword to his new colony of Honey bees since last fall, and today,they're here! He & Tressa put together this hive super, should be well big enough for now. We have taken half the stretchers out to welcome home the new colony

When you order honey bees, this is how they arrive, in a screened in box. The tin can looking thingy on the top, is the container that holds their sugar water feed so they can eat on their trip home

So to get them out of their shipping container, and into their new hive body, first they are sprayed with sugar water~ this serves 2 purposes~ the first, it makes their wings sticky so they cant fly as well as usual, and second, gives them a little treat to eat and keep them preoccupied while your dumping them into the hive

So once they are sprayed, the feed can is carefully lifted out. tacked onto the top of the shipping container, is another little rectangular box, and this holds the Queen

She is larger than the others, and her body is colored, naturally, so she can be easily seen in the hive. There is a little 'candy' plug keeping her in there for now

So her little container is taken and hung in the center of the hive body~ the worker bees will eat the candy plug thru, to release her into the hive...pretty cool huh!

So with the Queen already buzzing her orders, we just dump the bees into the other half of the hive~ they instantly flock to her

The reason we really wanted our own bees is to pollinate our orchard and the garden. We have cherry& peach trees, several different kinds of apple trees, grapes and berries that the bees will pollinate for us. We as a people, are very dependant on the work of bees for our own survival, most folks don't realize how much they do for us. For instance, any dairy product you can think of, would not be on this earth, if it wasn't for the bees that pollinate the hay and grass and grain that the cows eat to produce that milk...and meat, that we eat every day.

The wax combs are replaced, carefully...

And the top is placed on the hive~ that's all there is to it!

Not as romantic as a bee skep, but we are happy with our new bees. The little feeder you see on their door, is a sugar feeder to keep them happy until the flowers bloom. We have strung an electric fence around this hive to keep the bears out, and Lumpy too, since he just needs to be in the middle of everything!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Could Spring actually be here????

Dare I to hope such a thing?! I am feeling a little better each day, thankyou so much for the get well wishes! I really do still feel horrible that I was not able to have a new dollye update this month~ the first time for me ever, since I have been on the web, that I missed one. I will have many new faces for you in May tho, so get excited, cause they're gonna be A-W-S-O-M-E!

I think, I am safe to say, spring has finally come to Colorado. We have the startings of green grass showing....I have a hyacinth that has 2 buds on it I keep peeking at each day, waiting with baited breath for it to open before the rabbits eat it! The Bloke is getting huge....this picture is about 3 weeks ago~ we have since moved him to a larger pen so he can zoom around. He gets so absolutely frisky~ just silly wanting to play, and he doesn't realize his strength of coarse, so we thought it best to find him a friend to keep him company. My husband, who seems to know everyone and their brother and their brothers uncle here in Colorado....said we should get him a goat. I was not to keen on the idea, until we got to Rainbow Ranch, just a canyon over from us, and I layed eyes on Ilona & George Eubank's cunningly sweet little goats! OHHHH MY~ I am so smitten with them!

Please meet 'Kate', the white one on the left, and Meisie, the black one on the right. Sweetest little girls you ever did see, they are 4mo. Meisie is a Kiko/Boer and Kate is a Boer cross. The adults aren't much bigger than this. Their coats are very wooly now, kind of like a sheep's~ and soooooo soft. (and to answer your question....YES~ you may indeed see some Meisie & Kate hair-do's on my dollys!)
I actually got Meisie first~ the black her home and she just looked at me and her eyes were saying~ 'Where did everybody else go? Where are all my buddies?? Was I a bad girl?' ....well I just couldn't stand that look, and to hear her bleating for her friends, so went went back the next day and brought home Kate. As soon as Meisie saw her, she zoomed over to the crate and was SO happy! They been side by side ever since, and are getting along just fine with the Bloke. Perhaps we may have kids next spring :)

Ohh....and here is Lumpy.......being a lump! He has gotten as big as Yetti, our Great Pyrenees. They grow up so fast!

And Mr P.....the pappa pheasant. Mrs P was in sitting on her egg. Isnt he so gorgeous! Cant believe its nearly May already~ the children have the countdown to the end of school going~ 19 days I think it is. We get out pretty early here. I hope all of you are well, and enjoying all the gifts Spring has to offer!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Bye Marbles.......

Thankyou all so much for your very entertaining guesses in the Prims Mystery Giveaway! Some were really out there, but once I added the hint, it was quite easy to see, that poor little Fleur not only had her poke bonnet upside down for her photograph in Prims, but backwards as well!! Who would play such a horrible, nasty trick???? If you guessed 'Gilly', you were right! What a naughty girl! Well, what to do with such a willful sprite? Having 4 children, I have learned that to get anywhere with punishments, they must be in the right currency, specific to the child~ and Gilly, well, as you can see, I have taken away her precious marbles. What she held most dear to her heart, she has had to forgo.....perhaps she will be able to earn them back, we shall see
No more more playing in the fields with the boys....nope. As part of her punishment, she has had to trade her marbles for more ladylike pastimes~ we have already had lessons in taking tea with Fleur and the other girls, and each afternoon she will sit quietly, posture erect, countenance peaceful, and make lace. I have tasked her with 12 yards, enough for her to trim her new spring ball gown...oh yes, she will be a girly girl weather she likes it or not.
Now, Time for a Winner!
Donna Timms of N.C. woo hoo!!!! I have already emailed you about your pin dollye, so check your email box~ THANKYOU to all of you who played!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Keep on Guessing!!!

Ohh so many wonderful and insightful guesses have come in for my "Prims Mystery Giveaway"!! But, I hadn't realized that most are not so fully aware of proper Victorian fashion as I am, hint I have decided to add a little hint here on the blog. Most have the culprit pegged completely....but her awful trick has gone by unnoticed to some~ look to the sidebar for an innocent creature, study her picture well, and then go back and look at the article, you will realize straight away what she has endured! Just email me your guess, and I will let you know if it is correct or not! I am a bit behind as I have been quite ill this past week, but am feeling much better now, and playing catch up~