Friday, July 18, 2014

Dressing a King

 I am making good progress on the lid for my Padded Mirror Case.  I have completed all the flatwork and the stumpwork elements of both the King & Queen's trees, and am now well into the figures themselves. I finished up King's shoes this morning and had to share a little picture with you~ I love how they came out!  King is quadrupley more involved costume wise than the Queen~ he has so many layers to his wardrobe!  The ermine lining to his robe had to be completed first before I could start his legs with hose and shoes. He has breeches, an apron, doublett, robe, collar and falling band all to do  before I can even give him hair poor fellow...I don't think he minds that as much now tho, being as blazing hot as its been here lately~ I bet those wigs got rather hot in the summers......

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Dollye on eBay this week!

Ladye Grace~ Loyalty, c1834

 The second in my new series of virtues becoming a Ladye~ she would love to say hello. I think she is my most beautiful doll to date~ you can see her on eBay by following the link on the sidebar to my eBay specials, or click here

Friday, July 11, 2014

What! A Summer!

I have never been so busy!
  This summer is just flying by, and tho it 'seems' like I get things accomplished each day, it doesn't at the same time. Every spare moment i am working on my Padded Mirror Case, or making them for others just as excited about them as I am. In between I squeeze in dollys and painting and washing clothes and making supper.... Above is a picture of  a pinball I knit earlier this spring/summer ~ it has Cabinet of Curiosities and the date on the front, and the recipients name on the back with the class logo. It kind of looks pink in the picture, but its on a gorgeous blue background with burgundy lettering
 Every now and then, the family will drag me away on a little vacation~ I didnt complain to much this last time, they let me bring my laptop along so I was able to keep up with my For The Lsdye blog :). We went to a wonderful fireworks show, and spent the day before at Bishop's Castle just west of Colorado City~
 A magnificent stone and iron castle built by a single man all by hand~ its so very HIGH, and all the iron work is see thru straight down tot he ground~ not for anyone afraid of heights to be sure. One can walk and crawl over the entire thing, up to the very tip tip top~ and it is privately owned and has no guardrails~ a total enter at your own risk adventure!
 I was right at home inside, ohh yes, I could live here most happily to be sure
 On the way home, two mama big horn sheep walked across the road in front of us....and just look what they had stashed up on the side of the hill~ three wee ones~ so precious!
  While we were gone I did take along my beadwork~ I have finished all the flatwork on my padded mirror case and am now working on the trees and the figures~ I cant wait to get it finished and share it with you!  The leaves above are a variation of right angle weave, all wired and ready to go on the King's tree
 A basket has found a new permanent home as well~ stunningly in near mint condition and huge! Also, a new paint pattern I have never seen before of a central vase holding the typical floral arrangement~ you don't even want to know how excited I was to get this~ words cannot even express!
And dollys~ yes I have been working and working on dollys! This one is on the table now nearly finished, I hope to have her on eBay  this Sunday. I really love this one~ I used a piece of early mattress cover for her petticoat~ I thought it was charming and left the button attached :)
  I hope you all are having a wonderful Summer~ before we know it the leaves will be falling & snow  flying again!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Happy & Safe Independence Day Wishes

     May Ye all enjoy the cherished company of friends and beloved family and partake in the Patriotic Merriment of this wonderful occasion celebrating the birth of our Fine Great Nation.