Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Update~ I hope you all are having a wonderful day~ Tilly would certainly love to meet you, hope you will take a moment this evening, at 7pm CST, and stop in to the TDIPT Mercantile and say hello!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Little Two Little Three Little Piggies.............

I apologize for not posting on the blog sooner! I am swamped already this year~ a great thing! We are finally getting the blizzards that we should have had last November....and look at my little sweeties!!! Yes, Yetti & Blanket(our Great Pyrenees) are proud parents of 3 wee little pigs... which actually, aren't little at all~ they're HUGE! Just 13 days old, eyes open yesterday, two boys and a girl. Weighed the biggest one, the girl, FIVE POUNDS yesterday! I call her Gloria, she is the one on the right. Her brother Gary is on the far left, and my Jack is in the middle. We are going to keep Jack, the two brindles will be watching over someone else's flock.
They are so rolly polly....if they aren't eating, the children each are always holding a little pig....and see, Auntie Dixie is always hovering over them when Blanket gets a break and goes outside. We have kept them inside since they were born, as we have had in the 30 and 40 BELOW zero temps. I have also, drum the taxes DONE, so will be getting all the info for this years fundraiser drawing up SOON! Not to worry, if you have bought anything this year, you will be entered! This years goal is very focused~ extremely focused actually. All the proceeds of my Folk Art sales will be going towards purchasing a climate control unit for the large counter display case~ I have been stripping the layers of paint off since last October!
Its looking pretty good, have the back to do yet, the sliding doors are giving me fits, as they don't come off....but its getting there. So much elbow grease...whew! I am using a non evaporating bio friendly stripper~ it works really good actually, just takes a while longer than the more potent ones.
For those of you who are making up a smock with me, Ill be posting on that soon too~ I'm so far behind! Nearly everyone has their fabric already so we should be all set to start :) It's ramping up to be a really GREAT year, and I'm seriously really looking forward to sharing it with you all~