Saturday, December 15, 2018


Have you ever been driving along, and realize you are in a different spot than you expected? I do it all the time on a long drive home, say from the dr office...which is 89 miles from us. All of the sudden I realize we are on the other side of Walsenberg....and I dont remember going past it....Auto Pilot. 
Lately I feel like I am stuck in autopilot....or maybe its the Twilight Zone...that could be it. I have a list a mile long to get done every day, if I dont write whatever it is on the list, it doesnt even get remembered.  I am an emotional less than a week will be 1 year since I lost my Biskie....cant quite thinking about that, missing my parents and wishing I was home with last Christmas at home was 1988....its just never worked out to be home again~ not for lack of want, not at all. Thats just life and I suck it up, but every now and then I get overwhelmed. I have had my Christmas tree up in the gallery here since Thanksgiving weekend....boxes of ornaments all around it on the floor...but there it sits, I have no want to get them out. WHAT is the deal??
  I know I should be spending my spare time decorating the tree....but this is what I find myself doing this my auto pilot? I dont know, but it is very engrossing.....all consuming......making fish scales from beetle wings. My dear friend Stacy gifted me them one year, and I have had them in mind for a mermaid tail ever since. Have no idea how many I will need, probably a zillion or so.
 I first cut the wings into strips, then cut the strips into smaller bits, and then trim one edge of each 'bit' to round it out, like a fish scale. Takes forever and I seriously need to go get my glasses redone, as I am really having a hard time focusing on ANYTHING in...the seeing kind of focus.....oh my eyes are wide open, Im walking around, but big blurry blobs, thats all Im seeing. Hannah has been telling me, while at the store, 'geeze mom, you didnt even say hi'.....and I honestly say~ what are you talking about? And she will say I came within arm reach and total eye contact of a neighbor....and I literally have no idea they were there.... even more reason to get it in gear and get this casket finished, before I really do go blind.

 After I get the little buggers shaped, then I have to go back and drill a hole in each one. Takes forEVER. This is two wings worth of little beetle wing fish/mermaid scales.

Happy Stitching y'all~
Oh and just a little reminder~ I have only 2 of this years Ltd Edition Peaceful Kingdom Ornament Kits left, and as well, the Padded Mirror Case Class will be closing December 31!

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Just go home. It will be worth it. That is just too long. Take care of yourself.
Jeannette Clark