Friday, July 27, 2007

The fields are harvested and bare,
And Winter whistles through the square
October dresses in flame and gold
Like a woman afraid of growing old............
~ Anne Mary Lawler

Is it these WICKED hot summer days that have me longing for the crisp fall aires??? The smell of the log fire burning, the fallen leaves decaying back to the earth.................that bite in the air when you first breathe it in? I have been dreaming of those days, that seem to go by in a flash, the older I get...................but sometimes......................., you know,.............. Dreams do become reality!
*****heeee heeeee~ do you seee her in there hiding???? Shes currently available on eBay!******

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mifs Lucia Lorraine.............
What a special girl~ I made Lucia in memory of my Dear neighbor, Lucia Senter, that just passed away suddenly, and very unexpected. I hope you will go take a peek at her on eBay, and remember someone that is a dear friend to you, and take the time to TELL THEM! She is my biggest dolly ever~ nearly 2 feet tall! Hope you all are having a wonderful, relaxing summer. Please take time to stop and smell the admire that butterfly thats flitting about around talk to a friend you have been meaning to, but just havent had the time....... One must learn to MAKE time for the important things in life during this rush rush rush age we now live in~ Enjoy the world and all its gifts!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some Summer eBay Specials!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmm...just like I always ponder WHAT this c1848 Ladye has there in her gorgeous purse, if you would like to see some AWESOME eBay specials~ just click on the link at the right

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inspiration, c1820...........
Everyone who knows me, knows I love boxes! To me, the wrap is nearly as important as what is inside~ I seal my Queen Anne boxes with original, antique seals from my collection here at the museum. They are some of my favorite little items that were, in their own time, indispensables. With no sticky on an envelope, a person would have a variety of these wonderful little gems on their writing desk, to seal their correspondence with...some have secret meanings, some have family crests....all meant to be very personal between the barer and recipient.
Above is one of my Antiqued fabric boxes in one of my favorite shades of blue, sealed with 'the all seeing eye' is one of 8 precious images on a multi seal that I just added to the collection last month. There are 6 removable seals round the outer wheel, and two on each end, hand carved in blue pretty!
This seal dates c1820. There are flowers, heartes, a little 'forget me knot' quotation, birds, the eye....even a train! (invented in 1781 if you were wondering)...but my FAVORITE.....
Is the Rooster. "While I Live, I Crow" it says, which is definitely a goode motto for me!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Water Babes...........
It wouldnt be summer without getting all wet on a 100+ degree day! They just dedicated a new park downtown, so we took the children and they had the bestest time! I wish I had as much energy, or could even just run a little like they do~ lap after lap after lap around the park, not even getting tired. Today is my Emma's Birthday~ she is 6 years old allready(above)...I dont know where the time goes. Somewhere along the line she went from Dora to Bratz....and wants to wear makeup and glitz...I dont ever want my babies to grow up..............
Big sister Tressa will be 12 this December.............
The Lone Ranger......poor guy~ My Josh the only little man.....a never ending ball of fire energy....nothing but skin and bones!!!
And look at little Pippin... my little 'mini me'............shes my last so I have to spoil her rotten! She will be 2 yr in Sept.....didnt want to get wet, until everyone elce was all pooped tuckered....THEN thru the water spouts she flew!
I LOVE my little babes more than life itself

Monday, July 09, 2007

A little sneeky peek..........
I hope you will stop by my page on the Primitive Gathering on the 15th of July to see some new little dollys....theyre all dancing round my work~table nearly finished....not a one of them very patient at all!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Angels For Brianna auction has begun! I hope you will all go and take a peek, and bid generously to help the family of Brianna , who lost her fight with cancer on June 15th. You can see it here at

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I thought I would share with you this gorgeous and EXTREMELY rare antique dolly's bonnet, c1812-16. How can one help not to be inspired by such a precious little gem as this? This was most likely on a "Fashion Doll" of the period, as it is made exactly as an adults, but in miniature. It was quite common, for large fashion houses in Europe, to send miniature 'Fashion Dolls' across the ocean to America for their wealthy customers to order the latest fashions from.....only a handful survive today, so you can know my exuberance when I found this bonnet, all covered in a beautiful golden silke............
See the hand stitching of the boards.....
Wired brim, little silk flower on the inside would have been just at the edge of dollys face
What a inspiration for a little something, you will see on the 15th update this month on the Primitive Gathering.
May you all have a Blessed Day, this July 4th