Tuesday, January 28, 2020

on eBay this week!

Will you be my Valentine?
 Do you have a lil Ladye around 5-6" tall in need of companionship? Thomas Henry would love to make her acquaintance...or perhaps you have a class of young, impressionable students that would benefit from a stern but caring schoolmaster?

 Thomas is on eBay this week~ just click the link in the sidebar to my eBay specials!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

19th c Tinder Ad?

 Regency Male Seeking Female Companionship....
 lolol Ok I just couldnt resist!  I love Thomas Henry to death~ hes such a nice fellow...hard working....compassionate, kind~ but hes been a bit depressed as of late because all his friends are talking about what they are making for their true loves this Valentine's Day...and he alas, is alone. 
I keep telling him he needs to quit reading so many books and get out and meet people...but he's pretty shy. 
As you can see he is a Handsome fellow!  I told him I would ask my readers, if they should know of any young Grodnertal or Peg Wooden that is looking for companionship?

Mr. Tipton suggested they go to towne and look for a fresh new silk Top Hat to bring his spirits up....and whilst there, will have a proper photo taken...so better put on his coat so they can be off!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Those Knobby Knees

No need for Embarrassment Thomas Henry.....
I often find myself wondering, if I were a dollye...just when would I have liked to have been made?  As alot of you know I teach at the Bath Textile Summer School certain summers...and how on Earth could anyone in their right mind live in Bath, England, and not just be head over heels in Love with  Jane Austen and the Regency era in general?  I have been reading several of Jane's books & letters....and as fate would have, had a special order for a male companion doll of said era....and thus, my obsession with Regency gentleman began.

Alas...this last grouping of boys has my girls swooning at every sight. I have never seen them so frazzled...so agitated, so ....fussy!

There is good reason why a nice Regency Dandy is few & far between....well, a gentleman doll of any period 19th c and before. Their wardrobes are so involved....so many pieces tailored to fit their every curve perfectly...the time it takes me to dress one gentleman, I could have dressed four ladies.  These little guys are so much fun tho, I thought you all would enjoy a picture of Thomas Henry's knobby  little knees, before he puts his trousers on.(no need to avert one's eyes....his manliness is well hidden within his long shirt!)

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Available in my ETSY Shop

17th c Beaded Stumpwork
  For those of you who have been asking if I have any leftover kits from my class last year at Bath Textile Summer School in the UK, I have listed one of the few in my ETSY store. Pretty much EVERYTHING you need to make m'Ladye is included in the kit, and the figure shown in the listing, is the exact one that will come with your kit!

Also in time for Valentine's Day, a cute little thread palette~ a hand painted token of Love inspired by a gorgeous 19th c paper Valentine 
How do I Love Thee?
Let me count the ways...
 ~ you can find them both here in my ETSY store.  

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Things Never Change

Mr Tipton....
oh my... such a tight fit Mr Tipton ....
me thinks Ye has enjoyed too much merry~making this Christmas...
I hope I dont have to let out his trousers