Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dollye Update tonight, 7pm CMT

Mifs Emma Porter would love to meet your acquaintance this evening at the TDIPT Mercantile~ hope to see you there!

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Early American Life Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen

I am SO Honored to be chosen for the EAL Directory of Top 200 Traditional American Craftsmen again this year, and even more so, because my dollys were chosen to be photographed for the Magazine this year. The August Directory issue is out now, and here is my Antoinette gracing page 66 (((Enter HUGE Smiley face here))). And yes, I am a bit jealous Antoinette got to visit the Kentucky Shaker Village before I did~ she is pictured above in the Centre Family Meeting Room....does she look a bit dreamy~eyed to you? She has told me that her mind was wandering the whole time she was there, and that it was very hard to concentrate and be still for the cameras.

It really is a magical place, and they do so much to get the community involved~ you can go and stay at the Inn, they are having an antique show and sale on the 19th of June I think, and there are garden side suppers and all sorts of wonderful things going on now~ I hope you will click on the link on my sidebar to go and check them out. If I was within a days drive, I'd sure be there!

Nina was requested to go first for the photo shoot, but being such a big girl at 27" tall, Antoinette offered to go in her stead, and was delightfully welcomed by the EAL staff. Besides the honor of having my dolls chosen for the Directory again this year, I simply must thank the staff at EAL for keeping watch over my sweeties and handling them with such love and care. What a perfect start to the summer!

I have been working on dollys and knitting knitting knitting~ Ohhh I am hopelessly absolutely addicted~ my peonies are blooming....the baby kids are not so much babies any more~ a wonderful loud musical choir greets me whenever I step outside and they hear me talking....and speaking of talking~ here is a picture of one of my kittys~ Mr PappaGeorgio (Georgie to me)...he is the loviest cat we have ever had~ and he is constantly talking :)