Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ready~ing For a Road Trip!

A Travel case for the Beaded Basket &......
  What a busy summer! Its just flown by and am still busy as ever trying to get all my work caught up before I have to leave again for the Casketeer Get Together in Santa Fe this October. I have all my kits ready & packed, and got the travel case finished for my beaded basket. Well...its kind of finished~ it will eventually be painted, so for now will travel with a sealer only on, until I get the time to paint it later this fall. I made it from a gorgeous piece of quilted maple I got when I went home this summer.

  Finally, traveling in style! No more ugly cardboard box for my basket!  I am working on slate frames this week and since I have had confirmation of some getting to their destinations this week, now I can share them with you! The large frames are so difficult to get a good picture of~ so here are some closer bits of my favorites~
  This frame has swags of my signature roses, purple bows, tassels,  ribbons, needles, bees, bee skeps, jazmins, tiger lilys,  butterflies!!!  Is there room for anything else on here???? perhaps!
  I love the bees skeps and little bees~ there are also little bees buzzing throughout the frame
 Of this frame, the pink & white tiger lilys were my favorite to paint, they really came out awesome

 I am really having so much fun painting frames~ who would have thought I would ever paint pirates & skeletons on a frame~ but I have, and are they ever cute!  Well...not cutsie cute....but not scary either...

 There are dancing skeletons on the verticals, and I love the skeleton I Painted just lounging in a tree!

 For the Pirate theme frame I was challenged with, I chose to focus on the treasure, as that was what my customer pointed out was one of her favorite things. I painted the entire frame like a map, working from a 17th c example. There is a compass, a ship, a 'sea monster', and of coarse a treasure chest.  I did mark where the treasure is buried on the map.......but thats a secret!
 For a little something special, because this customer just happened to order my very first frame, and has since ordered several, I gilt her treasures in real 24k gold.  I do so appreciate each and every order~ I cannot thank everyone enough for their kind enthusiasm and support of my work~ you have bought the school clothes for this year, put supper on our table and brought some very special pieces to the Museum's collection this year.  I hope I can continue to grow and get better at all that I do~ and Hey! Dont forget~ you can see my Halloweenies in this months new issue of Prims magazine!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Custom Painted Slate Frames~

Sewing Tools Just Must Be Pretty!

  So I admit I kind of chuckled at the flower encrusted hammer my Mother gave me for Christmas one year....who would need their hammer to have flowers on it? I kept forward to years later, while I am standing at an embroidery frame for 8+ hours a day....and found myself thinking.....this should be pretty too!  I have found there is great joy in having ones sewing tools decorated, and for me, an even greater joy in being able to provide something pretty to bring joy to others! There's a lot of 'Joy' going there should be in life!!  I have been waiting for this frame to get to its new owner so I could share it~ its one of my favorites!
  I have painted it with my signature roses, forget me nots and pansies....oh the pansies~ they just leap right off the frame~ I love how they came out and may need to paint me something with pansies on it now!
 I have made a new Header Page on my Diamond K Folk Art blog for simpler ordering of slate frames that includes paypal buttons and a shopping cart for adding extras~ so you can  buy a plain slate frame, or fancy with paint and monogram, all without having to wait for me to email you back!  Wait time currently is about 3 weeks for a painted frame, as I have a bit of a line formed from when I was up home, but I am doing my best to catch up!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


So its going to be one of Those days is it????

  :::sigh:::  I know better~ but it was cold this morning and I put on a long sleeve sweater to ink a frame....sleeve caught the bottle and ...good grief! A whole bottle of ink spilt on the floor, my hands, my pants, the table~ at least I was quick enough to save the frame from getting anything on it it wasnt supposed  to. Im off to have a cup of tea!!

Monday, August 17, 2015


 So Many Holes!
   I have been working 12+ hours a day this past week catching up on my slate frame orders~ I do love making them, but many holes!  I make each and every frame, myself. With these two hands. Every hole you see gets drilled from one side, then the other, so each slat is drilled twice....then, each one of those peskly little holes gets sanded~ yes, each individual hole, from both sides! One of the last steps before paint and finishing is beveling, so each and every hole again gets another once over to slightly bevel the outer edge~ thats a LOT of holes!  These were the frame I made this week~ some oak and poplar, and yes, you see right, some black walnut~ YUM!
Here is a picture of them ready for paint and/or varnish.  The walnut I partially made in Pa's shop when I was at home, from some scraps he had in the attic...then finished them here at home. This week is painting~ and I have some really fun frames to paint~ all sorts of different flowers...monograms...some 'surprise' in whoever doesnt exactly know what theirs will look like ( I love those!) ...and golly I even get to paint pirate ships and skeletons! By the way, a clue may be there too for my next thread palette....

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Back Home

Painted Slate Frames And A Recipe...

   Am back home now from Washington and thought I would share one of my favorite slate frames with you~ one of the things that is so much fun for me in offering custom painted things, is that I don't decide what will be painted on them, the customer does! I have painted some things lately that I don't think I ever would have thought to put on a slate frame or thread palette....but they come out so wonderful!  This particular order was a set of frames with teddies on them~ above is one of the two. Set in the middle of the top slat is a little girl teddy holding needle and thread by some spools~ all ready to get her stitch on. There are lounging teddies & faces sprinkled here and there....but my favorite are the ballooners~
  The vertical slats each have a bear holding going coming down! I am really loving the watercolour technique on the wood.
 For those of you who are thinking of giving, or getting a frame for Christmas, I would say you should order by October to be sure to get a place in line that will have your frame finished and thru the post ready in time for Christmas giving. I usually get rather busy dollys wise during this time as well. I have never yet not finished an order on time, but I do only have two hands and can only work so quickly!
   Mom sent this home with me~ a watercolour she painted in 1975~
Its a recipe~ my new favorite actually, and its going to get framed and put up on the wall....
1 grassy field
2 small dogs
1 new kitten
1/2 doz children
A pinch of brook
Some pebbles
Mix the children and the dogs and kitten well together and put them in a field,  stirring constantly.

Pour the brook over the pebbles. Sprinkle the field with flowers. Spread over all a deep blue sky. Bake in a hot sun. When brown remove and set away to cool in a bathtub. "

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mermaid Palette Set on eBay this week

 If you like mermaids, I have a mermaid theme palette set on eBay this week~ just click on the link to my eBay auctions if you would like to see it!   My daughter said I couldnt do a mermaid without a "dinglehopper".. which is what Ariel called the fork she used to comb her hair in the Little Mermaid :)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slate Frames

Thistle Threads Double Casket Panel Placement
 I have had alot of emails asking what size of frame will fit what~
...a medium frame will fit the Thistle Threads Door'd Mirror.
...a large frame will fit the Thistle Threads Fancy Mirror.
 As for caskets~ well it all depends on how you prefer to stitch, and how large of a frame you are comfortable stitching on. I have traced templates for all the panels of a Thistle Threads double casket  and laid them out in my slate frames to show one way they could be arranged. I like to stitch all panels of a project at once, so I can have continuity of threads/colors. I especially like to stack an entire side at least, so it sits on the frame just how it would sit on the casket~ this keeps you from going hog wild on one panel, and then go off an a tangent and have it not meld in some way with the other panels once finished.   IF you like to stitch on smaller frames, all the panels for a double can be arranged on 2 medium frames, and one small one, as shown in the above and below photos
  If you want to get everything on one frame, all should fit on a large with it extended out to its maximum size.