Monday, July 20, 2015

Bunnies on eBay this week

Hungry Bunnies!
 We have had so much rain this summer, there are literally bunnies everywhere!  They are so cute, I love to watch them munching away in the fields. This is is kind of an ode to my Mrs Marchy~ who was one of my favorite girls...she got out of her pen on more than one occasion....and I know at least once she had her babies up on the mountain behind the house....she has been gone many years now, but every now and then...I will see a black bunny and know its one of her grandbabies...or zillion great grands~ who knows.  Bunnies always make me smile and are full of such positive energy~ so they make perfect stitching companions! If you like this set it is available this week on eBay  here .

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slate Frames

Thistle Threads Double Casket Panel Placement
 I have had alot of emails asking what size of frame will fit what~
...a medium frame will fit the Thistle Threads Door'd Mirror.
...a large frame will fit the Thistle Threads Fancy Mirror.
 As for caskets~ well it all depends on how you prefer to stitch, and how large of a frame you are comfortable stitching on. I have traced templates for all the panels of a Thistle Threads double casket  and laid them out in my slate frames to show one way they could be arranged. I like to stitch all panels of a project at once, so I can have continuity of threads/colors. I especially like to stack an entire side at least, so it sits on the frame just how it would sit on the casket~ this keeps you from going hog wild on one panel, and then go off an a tangent and have it not meld in some way with the other panels once finished.   IF you like to stitch on smaller frames, all the panels for a double can be arranged on 2 medium frames, and one small one, as shown in the above and below photos
  If you want to get everything on one frame, all should fit on a large with it extended out to its maximum size.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bears & Sea Shells

Summer Sea Shells on eBay this week!
  I hope everyone had a Happy & safe Independence Day holiday! I finally finished the above palette set and they are on eBay this week! I say finally because its taken a bit! I designed the clam shell palette for a custom mermaid set I did a bit ago and had shells on the brain~ I have wanted to paint some for a while....they were such a popular motif to paint at the beginning of the 19th c~ I wanted to see what all the hub bub was about. well. Oh My Golly! I love painting seashells!  They are quite involved actually and take extra time to paint, but are so much fun~ so colorful and happy!  I picked some favorite sea creatures to go with~ a star fish, seahorse, and clam for thread winders. So if you are one of the many who have been requesting seashells, you can find them here on eBay this week.   I think perhaps I should paint a bear on the next palette set.....
  We have had a few visitors this summer....I usually get so excited I forget to get my camera...a few weeks ago we had a little 2 yr cub...the blondest bear I have ever seen in my life~ he was the color of a bananna ~ I am not kidding!  This fellow stopped by day before last...well, early in the morning, and was so comfy in our tree he decided to take a nap so had plenty of time to go get the camera...perhaps I need to put him on a skep palette...or maybe a dancing bear!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Made to order Slate Frames

In several sizes & hard to find extra large 36" square
  I have had much interest in my slate frames and after going wood shopping I have some details~ much easier to post here than send out so many emails~ so here are the particulars~
 firstly, for those of you who are not familiar with where I live, well...I live in southern Colorado....and for shopping for just about anything, I may as well live on the moon. My nearest store that sells wood stock if you can believe is a 98 mile trek north up I25 to Pueblo....and thats one way!  I went wood shopping on the way home from taking daughter to the airport in Denver this week and was able to pick up  a nice selection of Poplar and some Red Oak for slate frames. Couldn't find any maple~ booooooooo!
 I am planing on making slate frames 'inbetween' other projects...dolls, my flat top casket, padded mirror cases, and some kit work I am working you can watch the Diamond K Folk Art blog for what I have ready made, or you can order a slate frame and Ill work on it priority like I always do with orders~ cause hey, I don't like waiting for things, and don't like my customers to wait either!  If you are interested in having a slate frame made~ I am offering in 3 sizes~ small, medium and large. The medium frame is dimensions of mine I just made with 24" stock and will fit a Thistle Threads Door'd Mirror frame.  The small is from 16" stock, and large 36"~ which yes, will fit the Thistle Threads Fancy Mirror Frame.
 Working area within each frame are approximate, depending on how you lace your frame, and are as follows~
Small~ 16" horizontal & vertical bars(4), with working area apx 11 x 12"
Medium~ 24" horizontal & vertical bars(4), with working area apx 19 " x 20"
Large~ 36" horizontal & vertical bars(4), with working area apx 31" x 32"

 Since the Red Oak is quite a bit more expensive than the Poplar, there is a price difference~ I hope you will find the below chart easy to follow~ but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The prices are for plain, unstained, clear varnish finish, and do not include shipping. I would of coarse be more than happy to discuss a custom painted frame if that is your pleasure~ cost is dependent on the design and intricacy of the work.

Slate Frame Small~
Poplar~ $100.00

Slate Frame Medium~
Red Oak~$155.00

Slate Frame Large~
Red Oak~$195.00 
******PAINT is ADDITIONAL***********
   I am happy to work out a custom one of a kind design for you~ just ask!
 Allover Rose (like mine)~ 100.00 per frame
 Old English Monogram (like mine)~ 50.00 per frame
 Script Monogram~ 25.00 per frame

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Painting My New Slate Frame

'Tools' Should Be Pretty!
   I just made this Ash slate frame for working my flat top casket and tho I really like how it came out, it was just so plain!  I thought, if I am going to be merrily slaving away for months over work stretched on this should at least be pretty! Something simple...not to busy or distracting...but nice to look at, so I designed a simple rose border with my name at the center of one of the bars. Its taken me all week to paint~ in early 19th c schoolgirl style with India ink and watercolours.  First I inked a bit of the vine and my name.

  I would prefer to paint outdoors, but with watercolour it is quite picky about the weather~ to much sun/heat, and the paint dries right on the brush...too much wind, even the gentlest of breezes~ same thing. I cant even have the ceiling fan on so I sit by my window at a little table where the light is good. Just like in my china painting, many thin layers of paint always looks better than one thick one globbed on. I love to paint~ not only do I enjoy the outcome, but the process even more~ I put on my Al Bowly...or maybe some Astrud Gilberto, and can sit and paint all day long!
 After inking I have added a bit of green  to the vine and blocked in the base for my roses
 Leaves are now drawn on with more India~ buds are painted
 Lastly the roses get their delicate petals and will sit a day before varnishing
 I have had many folks express interest in me making them a slate frame~ and answer if Of coarse I would be happy to. This size frame I am really liking, outside measure is 24"x 24" with a working inner area of 21"x 19" at the largest, all the way down to 7" x 19" smallest dimension. I can make larger or smaller frames, if you are interested just email me~ address is in the sidebar.  Price depends on what wood I use and size~ and what a special gift a custom painted frame would make for the needle worker who has everything!
 My name~ inked in India with an actual dip pen. I will say here that a distinct difference can be seen between those who 'cheat' and use a modern Pigma marking pen, and those that draw with a quill or steel nib pen. There is a flow and pooling of the ink when using a quill, not to mention India is very opaque and just a deep rich dark black~ you just don't get the rich colour with a  modern pen, and as well, there will be telltale distracting little dots at the end of each pen stroke from a modern pen
 This is the smallest dimension at 7"x19". You will notice I do not staple canvas to the stretcher bars~ I prefer to lace my work on all four sides like was done in the 18th c.
If you liked & missed my first skep thread palette set, I will have another on offer on eBay this next week~ this time painted with a double skep and inked around the outside edge of the palette
 "How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour, And gather honey all the day, from every opening flow'r"
  You can find it by clicking the link on the right to my eBay specials~ it will be on later today

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mark Your Calendar!

2017 Bath Textile Summer School
   I have been getting lots of questions about what Ill be teaching, when Ill be teaching ect~ so here are the particulars~ Ill be teaching a 4 day workshop at the 2017 BTSC Aug 14-18 2017.  Four glorious days, 7 hours a day, of non stop 17th c beadwork! YES!!!!  I will be teaching in one of the study rooms at the Holburne Museum~ class will be Mon & Tues, with Wed off to attend lectures or see the sights of Bath England...and do any catching up needed for class~ then back at it Thursday & Friday. Lynn tells me there should also be a textile faire at the American Museum that weekend so much fun to be had!  I am not going to disclose my workshop project yet, but you can be sure it will be absolutely FANTABULOUS, a mixture of beaded stumpwork along with twilling and three dimensional fruits, flowers, figures and perhaps animals like I worked on my beaded basket.  You cant sign up for the 2017 session just yet but you can email Lynne that you are interested and she can put you on a list~ you can find her info on the Bath Textile Summer School website here . Registration for my class should open the 20th of August 2016, if you are interested I know it will fill quickly, its limited to just 14 students~ We will have the Holburne's marvelous beaded basket there in front of us for inspiration too~ I cant wait & hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

19th c Schoolgirl Art Reproduction Thread Palette on eBay this week!

Joys of Summer Palette Set
 How fitting that the week Squeek's eggs are hatching,  I have this set available on eBay?!  I love it~ painted with a mamma blue bird feeding her three lil babies in the nest. If you are familiar with schoolgirl painted furniture or art, you may recognize this design from an early 1800-30 painted box.  The three thread winders are an egg, bluebird, and a lil chick's head~ they are always so hungry!  If you would like to see more pictures of it, or are interested in purchasing, you can see it here on eBay this week!