Sunday, December 29, 2013

Prims Winter 2014~

   Is in stores now!  My lil bunny family & I are just thrilled to be included in the latest issue~
  Its not even January yet, and I am ready for spring! I wouldn't mind the hibernation actually....tho I have way to much to do and my eyes just automatically pop open by 6 am no matter what time of the night or morning I go to bed.  This has been such a great year~ its gone by so quick tho~ in the blink of an eye!  The summer blazed by, literally~ so many fires that I hope do not repeat themselves....and in August we made a wonderful family vacation up to Yellowstone National Park with my Mom & Dad & brother & his girls. I was meaning to share some pictures in a post, and have never got around to it yet. The last time we had been there, was about 35 years ago, and it was just how I had remembered it, and SO MUCH BETTER! I just couldnt have asked for a more perfect trip! I had a very full sched this fall, with all sorts of deadlines to be met, when an unexpected journey presented itself, and not only put a fork in my road...but made me do a few u-turns and ups and downs and just got everything all CRAZY!!!!  In a good way...I think. Im sure if you ask my husband he will have a different point of view.....
  I am taking the Thistle Threads Cabinet of Curiosities class on 17th embroidered caskets....its really a fabulous class and I couldn't recommend it any more highly....anyway, one lesson touched on early beaded caskets and looking glass surrounds (mirror frames). These were wonderful of coarse, but were nothing too extraordinary......until at the very last of the lesson, ahhhhhhhh...beaded baskets!  At that very moment I was just lost. really lost is all I can describe it as. I think there was just maybe 2 paragraphs was all....but they spoke to me. There was no question, no question at all~ I needed to make one. I had no idea how, I have never beaded a single thing in my entire life~ but none of that mattered. There was just something about these things....these wonderful baskets made up of thousands and thousands of seed beads!  I have loved and collected antique beads since I was little....I mean literally~ the smaller I could find them, the better. I can remember my Mother driving me to Spokane when I was little, to go to the dentist....and she would drive me out and about to the bead stores scavenging for the antique beads! OH! They took my breath away! They still do.....Which is why, what happened next in class, was meant to be.  A beaded basket design contest.

                                               B e  S t i l l    M Y     H e a r t e .

   So in crazy journey began, and I cant wait to share it with you!  The deadline for entering is the last of January, so be watching the blog~ I have been taking pictures as I have gone along, and will start probably mid Jan after my last looming deadline passes :)   Ohh...and of coarse, the prize, the grandest of GRANDEST most wonderful things, a flat top casket to embroider. What a dream that would be!

 I hope you all had a chance to make some wonderful memories this year, and if not, I hope you can see that the cup is always half full, and not half empty. My wish for all is a Happy & Joyous New Year~ and that you may have the courage to GO GET  IT~ whatever your 'it' may be!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

from the dollys & us, 
Merry Christmas!

  One day I will be back in New England with my love driving me in the day! Until then, I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays ever~ the most Joyous Meetings of Occasion~ the Merriest of Christmases... the Most Blessed of Holy Dayes~ may you spend them with family & friends & all you hold Dear.