Sunday, April 15, 2012

'Olde Haus'

Just a little update this month, I have been so busy with the kids, both human and caprine, havent had time for much else. I love this lil pincushion tho, it is so darn cunning. I can see me making myself a whole village of them....they sprouted in my mind when I was working on Moxie, a lil moufsey folk , a while back. I didnt use a pattern, and its all hand stitched from my wool scraps and such~ 4.5" tall, its available on the TDIPT Mercantile this month.

Here is a pic of me and a couple of the kids~ Meisie had triplets, quick and easy like always...poor Kate tho, NOT. A full days labor, and I ended up having to go in and take the kids like last time, triplets again this year too. Shes such a sweetie, I will not breed her again and put her thru that any more. She had 2 bucks and a little doe, Peach, the only girl is on the left in the picture, and Trouble, (the little buggar blocking the exit door) is on the right. His brother Bolt, isnt in the picture~ hes always zooming around like lightning! They are almost 2 days old in this picture~

Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Blessed Easter, I wish for The~

Happy Easter! May you all have a most wonderful Day, however you wish to observe~ every day is a Blessing, every child a gift from God~