Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Pretty first Quarter 19th c Child's Everyday Smock

Isn't this precious? Absolutely! Antique everyday children's wear is so very rare to find. It is my pleasure to share this very special piece with you all~ especially my living history Moms~ this one is easy to make!

Not a dress, but a 'smock'~ this one with long sleeves~ these were made to fit and be worn over the child's clothing, to keep it clean. As you can tell, this one did its job proudly!

Early textiles were so hard for us Americans to come by, anything we made from them was precious, and like alot of early childrens wear, this one has its share of darns. Many of these utilitarian pieces were used to rags, and then made their way to be linings for other things, necessary items, quilts & patchwork, until literally, there was nothing left

The workmanship on this, tho the construction is very simple, is exquisite. The stitches are nearly microscopic. In this close view of the hem stitching, you can also see the fabric, a beautiful pink woven stripe, up close~ be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them!

There are but 5 pieces you need to cut for this smock. A large rectangle for the body, 2 rectangles for the sleeves, and another 2 small strips for the sleeve cuffs. Thats it. Made from a single width of cotton(25"), you can note the salvage edges to each side that make up the back opening. The rectangle is simply cut straight down from the shoulders, where the sleeves are set in~ NOTE that both the underarm of the body and the sleeve, are left open. This is for easing over the child's clothing so no bunching up under the arms~ think of it like an invisible gusset

Here is a closer view. There is a triangle of differing striped cotton reinforcing the point at the armpit there.

Here is better view.

The back is simple and open, with 2 tie closures. Length from shoulder to hem is 30".

The sleeves have a small gather at the top shoulders

back tape ties are tacked onto the salvage edge of the fabric. Cuffs are simple and close with a single button & button hole. This smock could easily be made up in a period correct reproduction cotton, over a simple plain color dress, and would look simply stunning. Less certainly is more, when talking early 19th c childrens clothing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are You Ready????



And the Winner of the 2011 Fundraiser Drawing, a custom made Queen Anne dollye~ is.......

Congratulations Gail!

Thank You EVERYONE so very much for entering this year, and for your most kind & gracious support. This year has been stressful financially for so many folks, that it humbles me and makes me even more honored, that you all chose my dollyes to share your lives with. I appreciate it, and the Museum appreciates it, greatly!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing NEW!
"Diamond Patch Pins"

I am so excited to share what I have been designing with you all! Now you can wear Diamond K Folk Art designs on your person :) I have designed a new line of pins that will support the Museum acquisition fund directly~ so give a little, get an awesome pin, and greatly help to support the Lady's Repository Museum! Each one is hand sculpted, and one of a kind, and will come on their own collectible presentation cards~ they're really so awesomely cute, if you see them in person you just fall in love with them! I have some now currently listed in my ETSY store, so go take a peek~ they're just 10.00 each~ and would make wonderful gifts too.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Witchy~Poo Sifsters out for a night of Trickery & Fun.....

Will you answer your door this Hallow's Eve, when you hear the rat-a-tat-tapping? Who doeth know what one will find to t'other side of it? Little angelic creatures drefsed to scare away the evil spirits they say.....but who is to know if t'is the actual spirit itself to come calling on you, or worse yet, an actual witche?

Would you know one if you laid your eyes on their stark white flesh?

Would their eyes stare into your soul and steal out its light, like a candle snuffing a flame?

Do you dare to wonder......what keeps behind the merry~making mask???

A spirit born to be dark, but over centuries, a mellow kindness and innocence it has become.....

A shy, delicate creature which prefers to not tarry from its dwelling, but on one evening, when it doeth like to partake in the accumulation of sweet treats, and popcorn balls....

And t'is a goode thing too, to only be burdened with having to take ones little Sifster with them, but one evening a year....

A little sisfter that doeth like the mortal folk very much, and all their glamour and festivity & Merry~Making!

One can n'er be seen in public without the head covered....a poke bonnet is very private , yes....but not so good for bobbing for apples.....

Pointe' a La Punch, a perfect resolve to keep the elders, and young ones happy~ Varden cannot be beat when it comes to bobbing for apples......she loves apples

Crisp, Green, Granny Smithe apples, that match her pretty green swirl glass eyes

Pretty punkin bows on pretty little feet

Frocks stitched from all antique bits, from the Tattersol's basket, in the latest fashionable style of coarse....

Queenie is pleased to make your acquaintance...might you have a sweety for her, or perhaps, one of those wonderful, goey, round popcorn balls?

Queenie & her little sisfter Varden have been spoken for ~ THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH

Saturday, September 17, 2011

eBay Specials~

As alot of you know I have been s-l-o-w-l-y narrowing the focus of the Museum's collection, and have some pretties currently on eBay, along with some dollys~ there are several antique original Hand Colored French Fashion engravings from Magsin des Demoiselles for 1874~ simply gorgeous bustle era fashions, and each includes a child. If you love this era, these are wonderful period documented fashions, as each has address below of where cetain articles of clothing can be bought. Go check it out~ just click on the link to my eBay specials in the sidebar!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tonight is the LAST night of my make me an offer sale~ so if you have had your eye on anything, tell me quick! If you dont see your favorite on eBay or the ETSY store, they have flown away to new homes~ thankyou so much! Otherwise~ hope you will stop by tomorrow evening on the TDIPT Mercantile, and join us for a party!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

WHAT A Wonderful Surprise & Honor!

Ohh my goodness~ I am so thrilled~ my door for the Trinidad Door Project won Artist Choice! This has been so much fun this year~ and again, THANKYOU SO MUCH to all my fellow artists who voted me the winner, that means so much to me~ words cannot adequately express my humble gratitude!

For those who are not local, our area had a project earlier this year where we got to go rummaging below the Title Co in their wonderfully old and magical basement beneath Commercial Street here in Trinidad, and pick out an old door to turn into a piece of art. To learn more about the project, and see if you would be interested in purchasing a finished door~ go check out the website~ www.trinidaddoortocolorado.com Above is my really neat old pantry door, isn't it great?!

I pondered over a month, looking at it in the studio, waiting for it to tell me what it wanted....I had all sorts of neat thoughts, but one night a little spirit appeared from it, and whispered something I couldn't understand....and it was born. The title scribed on the side is "If Doors Could Talk" .I tried to sculpt the little spirit, and hid him within one of the panels, so one must look closely to see him,

He is olde and very wise....with many secrets from others before him who have closed the door and whispered behind....

I left the hinge plates on, and it is finished on both sides, to indeed be used as a door~ if you are interested in purchasing it, please visit the website or write and ask me any questions you may have. It will need to be picked up locally, there is no shipping offered for any of the doors~ Half the proceeds go directly to benefit the local area arts programs!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXO me

Friday, September 02, 2011

My 40th Birthday SALE!

Hmmm.....doesn't feel any different this morning than yesterday. Don't know what all the hub-bub is about turning 40. 4's are good numbers for me~ I am feeling absolutely wonderful, really blessed, and honestly, couldn't be happier! I have lost 67 pounds, do my walks nearly every day, go to the gym, have tons of energy now~ my son timed my mile run last night on the way home from the gym with his stopwatch, and I ran a mile in 5 min 21 seconds~ which I think is awesome. Just to run is awesome...heck, this time last year, I was thinking, its just nice to walk! I have heard so many folks say the phrase, "Life begins at 40", that I'm pretty excited at what the next 40 years will have for me.

To celebrate my birthday, I am having a SALE!!!! Really I don't need an excuse, but this is no ordinary mark down sale, this is a MAKE ME AN OFFER SALE. I want anyone who wants a dollye to have one at what they can afford, and I KNOW times now are tough and many of us put ourselves last on our gift list~ so if you have had your eye on something, please do, email me and make me an offer! This goes for ANYTHING I have for sale~ on eBay or ETSY or the TDIPT Mercantile. This will run from today to the 14th of Sept~ My email is rlkinnison@yahoo.com . Just put making an offer in the title and Ill get right back to you~ enjoy your Holiday weekend, and CHEERS to another 40 years making dollys for me! WOO HOO