Friday, October 10, 2014

Padded Mirror Case Travel Cases Available

 For those who have purchased a reproduction 17th c Padded Mirror Case, I have made a travel case specifically to fit it. Weather traveling to a show, an embroidery guild meeting or just traveling to a shelf for storage, its wonderful to have a pretty handmade case to keep our precious things in~ in this case, a Padded Mirror Case!
 I designed the case to follow the form of the casket cases~ it is fit with all solid brass hardware~ hinges, working lid lock with two keys, Queen Anne side pulls and escutcheon
 As pretty on the inside as the outside, a fitting home for your mirror case when not in use or on display. I really am in love with the function of this case~ as the lid lifts up, the front falls open at the same time, for ease in sliding the case in and out. After have made this one, I am in awe why all cases & boxes do not open this way! I love it! If you have purchased a Mirror Case and are interested in purchasing a travel case, they are available on the class blog,

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