Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Trickin' Out my Trinket Box.....

 I have been so busy around here lately~ trying to fit 'my' things in around dollys and mirror cases and making Halloween costumes....there's just not enough time in the day. We almost have Pip's costume finished for this year~ perhaps we'll get it done this next weekend and I can share it on the blog~ we make her costume every year...last year she won first place at the school Halloween Dance costume contest~ she was Sponge Bob.
  I want to try some techniques for one of my stumpwork caskets on my trinket box....and the fact it is sitting here in  front of me not finished, is really driving me I have been fitting it in, a little work here, a little there. I am a Virgo...that should explain the way I am pretty clearly to those of you who know astrology.... but if you don't, that means I am very very picky.  I didn't care for the round feet that came with the trinket box~ no fault to the maker of coarse, its just me. They didn't look period to me....and well, it really bothered me to the point I didn't want to work on it...then one day, realizing a cup is always half full, I decided why not just tweak them into submission..... so I sanded off the bottoms to make them more of a period squatty bunn foot shape
 A little better.....but I still wasn't feeling it. So in between clamp time on a case, I had my knife on me outside and decided to carve the little bunn feet into fluted bunns.....
 Aaaaahhhhhhh yes. Feeling it a little more now...... when things click for me, my mind races on too fast for my hands to keep up
 Soon I was rummaging thru silks and papers for the inside.... One of the silks above will be the outside ground fabric...but I'm not telling ...wink wink
 I covered the bottom with a pretty hand marbled paper....had to do something with those feet however.....
 YES! Nothing a bit of gold leaf wont fix. This is before burnishing
 They are each different and uneven and wonky, and I love them!
 I also gilt the lid edge and inner lip~ here she is all ready for the panels to go on..... once I get them finished
I tufted the inside in deep blood red silk taffeta, also did the inside of the lid, but it wont go on until I put the outside panel on, as it covers the back of the hardware.... I know how many trinket boxes there are floating around the world~ I hope some more of you all will post your progress pictures!!! Come'on!


Unknown said...

OK Rachael, now I see how you did it. And I think the tufted silk interior is also fabulous. I am quite new to this sort of thing. Do you work the tufting into a sort of exact shaped eierderdown, and then glue it onto the surface, or is there another technique?

Penny said...


Janet said...

Hi Rachael,
I wish more people would post their trinket boxes too!!!
But I'm sure am delighted to see yours. Love those feet. Oh, and that great tufted interior. I'm sure you have beaded beauty ready for the outside.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thanks :)
Janet~ the outside is going to be all embroidery~ (beadwork is going on the flat casket) I am planing my double casket 'regular' stumpwork embroidery :)