Saturday, October 25, 2014

MY Little Minion....

It All Started With a  'Fart Gun'

  It was the first of September and she was with me grocery shopping.....and there it was. The most annoying thing I think I have ever seen.....the 'Fart Gun' from the movie Despicable Me.  If you haven't  seen the movie, Gru asks Dr. Nafario to make him a 'Dart Gun' , but Dr. Nafario is olde and cant hear well, so he made him a 'Fart Gun' instead. That was what she wanted for her birthday!!!  She just had to have it, didn't want anything else. I still cant wait to hear her tell her own children she wanted & got a fart gun for her birthday one year.... So anyway.....she decided she wanted to be the little one eyed Minion that carried it around in the movie for Hallowe'en this year. does Mum make a Minion suit.....I know~ I will let her make her own Minion suit! YES!  So I went and got a big scrap of cardboard, she went and found a rubber ball larger than she was wide.... and she covered that with a plastic garbage sack.

 She made her glue for traditional mache from flour and water
We tore strips of old newspapers for the mache
Traditional mache is really fun, but way messy~ best done outside!
Strips of paper were laid on to cover her little form evenly~
Just a thin single layer for the first time~ then we let it sit out int eh sun a whole day, and in the house another week to wait for the next coat on the next weekend.....and then another a weekend after that.  She built up three coats of mache
Then the next weekend we cut the holes for her arms and face to see thru. Right here I had just cut the pilot hole so I could see how big to make the monocle...I think she looks like a demented rocket.... she went off zooming around the yard~ I was sure she was going to trip and break a leg
Here she is with her cherished Fart Gun and holding little Minion in her other hand
First on a couple coats of bright yellow~ we had this left over from her Sponge Bob suit we made last year....
A big smile and pair of overalls,  and Minion is complete!...well, sort of~ he still needs his goggle made...OH! And we cant forget the hair!
Black pip cleaners poked in thru the top for his 'do'
The goggle is a round of cardboard covered over in duct tape, held on with a big elastic band. Baggy trousers to match his overalls, and a quick make up of 3 finger gloves complete her suit.
 There is nothing more fun than making one's own Hallowe'en costume!


Sherri Farley said...

Cute! We have grown children and no grandchildren & loved that movie!

kdduncan said...

Well, now I sort of wish I had a fart gun!