Friday, October 03, 2014

2014 Be Goode Witche

Available in the DKFA Shop Blog~

   Witchy is a little late to make her appearance, but is available now on the Diamond K Folk Art Blog. I had meant to offer two witchy~poos...but alas one has flown away already.  
  My life has been so hectic this past week~ my oldest fur baby kitty GG had a stroke on the 26th~ well a week ago exactly today. I was eating lunch and let him in the house, he was his fine olde fellow self....he hopped up on the dining room table for a nap, and well....that was it. Later that afternoon I noticed him still there sleeping...but he wasnt sleeping~ his eyes were slightly open and he was watching me. I reached out to pet him, and no gentle meow greeting...he couldnt even pick up his head. He is 13, not too olde for a kitty, but he has been through so much~ being the first kitty in Southern Colorado to have, and recover from the Beubonic Plague I suppose would take a few years off the soul. He couldnt even open his mouth to drink, so we had a long chat~ he didn't want to go to the dr~ he hates the dr and asked me to stay here at home. I made him a bed in the gallery with me and made him comfy comfy. He lay still nearly two days without moving, and me worrying each shallow breath could be his last, well I held him and we had all sorts of conversations~ I was sure to shower him with kisses and so many thankyous for being such a wonderful kitty, and such a special Dear one to me. I always told him how much I loved him. He slept on my chest, right up under my chin so I could hear him breathe. At 1:17 am one morning, he started to make the littelest smacky sounds with his mouth~( up till now he would not even swallow any water I tried to place in his cheek)..his tongue was working! That morning, he picked up his head when I opened my eyes~ and just as quick as he got sick, he was now getting better! It took about 2 days for him to be able to walk~ his back legs did not work at all, so I carried him to the kitty box, and around wherever I was...he ate so many cans of tuna I cannot count and is well back on the track to his olde self again~ WHAT a gift. WHAT a wonderful Birthday present...Christmas present...I have my GG back~ but now, Im calling him my 'Super G'

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Barbara Brown said...

So glad "G" is ok!! He's a fighter for sure. Don't know that he has that many of his "nine" left, he's using them up!!!
LY, Mom