Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Yellowstone National Park

SO See

  The second day we were in the park Josh & I had a day hike planned to see the Petrified Forest. I have been to the single petrified tree several times...but never the forest. The hike is a 'strenuous' level of hike, so Josh was the only one who would go with me. All I can say, is,  it was worth it, it was awesome.
 I took about a zillion pictures of buffalo~ they were all shedding..but still looking quite majestic. 
 I love the Buffalo! This time of year, in June, all the mommys had their little babies by their sides~ they are affectionately called 'red dogs', because they're so red. 

  Last time we were at Yellowstone, they were working on a new parking area at Fairy Falls, for the new trail they made up to the 'Grand Prismatic Overlook'. It opened the day after we left, so it was a must go to. FINALLY! To be able to see and appreciate the entire Grand Prismatic Spring! I could never really see anything from the boardwalk~ between all the people on it, and all the steam, it was never one of my favorite spots. Its beautiful from the overlook tho~ it's a great trail that IS handicap accessible. If your planning a's a must see.

 So Josh & I got up early in the morning for our hike...had to make the drive from Madison campground to the Lamar was great~ didn't pass a single car on the way. Matter of fact, we had Tower Falls all to ourselves at 6am...not another soul there!

 It was first week of June, and yes, still snow in spots.  It snowed the day before we got there actually....but most of the park was snow free and in full spring wildflower bloom~ just beautiful.

 Did you know that the Petrified Forest in Yellowstone is the only place in the entire world that trees  have been petrified standing, with their root systems intact? Yep~ it's amazing. Along the trail, they are everywhere~ big small, some on their's a hard place to find, so if you want to go , definitely recommend a guide book. When it says the level is 'strenuous' and describes parts of the trail as 'inhumanely steep'..(yes, that is a quote from the guidebook!) ....they're not kidding...but its soooo worth it!

 The trees are huge

 At the top, is this giant redwood~ 26 feet in circumference! What is really great tho, is that you can walk around down underneath it, and see the petrified roots.

 Also on the low side of it, are these two towering trees

  As if that wasn't great enough...on the way back to the campground, we saw a mamma bear and two cubs.  I have been to Yellowstone so many times, and rarely see any bears...this trip...NINE bears!  

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