Saturday, March 23, 2019

Happy Saturday!

 A Most Perfect Daye
 The weather is gorgeous...its warm outside....I have my window open and was just starting my weekend stitching on my casket....when the post arrived. The glorious post! My box from Fortnum & Mason arrived from London with the new Easter Tea and County Biscuits. I just could not wait to brew a pot and I have to tell you, if you have never been to England, and want its equivalent in a cup of tea, the Easter Tea is it. Immediately it reminded me of the smell of Bath & the countryside....all the beautiful flower boxes, with a little of that briney sea air mixed in, its just perfect. 

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Barbara Brown said...

I!m working on several projects today and think maybe I need a "tea break" too! I'm sandwiching a "tablecloth" (that's turning out to be a bitch!)' washing dishes (also a bitch) and keeping the deer away from my tulips with a good spray of Deer Out! Tea would be nice.......followed by a NAP! :-) That tablecloth may turn out to be not quite 44" wide. Maybe an inch or so shy. Hopefully I can make up the difference with the binding. We'll see. LY, Mom