Sunday, December 03, 2017

Happy Sunday!

It's Half....& Half  Time!
  Happy Sunday All! Well, it must be Christmas time...we finished putting up the trees today. It's 3.40....on Sunday, not much time left for stitching, but I am going to try and get a sleeve worked for one of my angels on my casket...havent put in a stitch in over a week and that actually makes me rather grumpy. I am celebrating getting the two trees up in the gallery with a  half & half in my favorite Harrods cup. Half eggnog, and half Piehole Pecan Pie whiskey~ ohhh my golly is it good. If you have never tried Piehole are missing out. I dont care for Apple or Cherry...but the Pecan Pie, tastes exactly like a pecan pie....mmmmm.....tis the season to be Merry!

 I put up two trees in the gallery this year, this one is only glass ornaments~ I left all the pictures today big, so you can see all the pretty ornaments. The Christmas Tree, is my favorite part of Christmas, for they hold all my most precious memories.

 This trees especially, save for a couple very precious glass ornaments that have been gifted me, and my Hummels, this tree is most Dear~ these are all ornaments made by my family, many now gone. There are some cuties I have made too...and both Flemish Fantasy & Winter Queen joined the party this year~ they fit right in!
Speaking of Winter Queen~ (doesn't she look so pretty)...if you have a kit on your wish list, you only have until Dec 31st to get one~ she's almost gone! You can find out more about her here.

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Barbara Brown said...

Your trees look so pretty, but then, they always do! I sold almost all my "birds". They went for $10 or $20, depending on if they had feathers and sequins or not. :-) So now I can send off your package, just have to wrap a couple presents and find a box to put everything in. LY, Mom