Monday, December 11, 2017

Blog Only Special!

 6 Merrie Christmas Snow Angels to offer~
Merry Christmas!  I have been working like crazy to get orders out, dollys too! I managed to fit these little cutie pies in ~ they are mischievous little squirts! That number to watch that every picture~ there she was, poking her head out! Hand made with love, these will sit alone by themselves (a festive little winter companion to your tea or sewing table....they will be nice and not tangle any threads)..or they can watch & sing over your Christmas tree~( I just turn up a branch and fir their cone body over it). Mache heads are painted and bathed in a thick coating of real mica flakes, each wears a white German crepe paper gown sprinkled with gold foil Dresden stars over a hand stitched card cone body.  The edging on their cones & beautiful heavy wings are German gold foil Dresden as well. 

All are trimmed in silver tinsel,  signed, numbered and dated inside the cones & on the back of their necks

 Little Snow Angels are each a little different~ looking up or to the side, some sway or tilt~ all are 75.00 each, including shipping within the USA. If you would like to purchase one, and are not in the US, I will invoice you for half our international shipping before sending your angel on to you in a small flat rate Priority mail box.
There is only one of each available~  

Sold~ thankyou so much!

Sold~ thankyou so much!

Sold~ thankyou so much!!! 

Snow Angel 4 is the 'peeker'...while Snow Angel 5 is looking left....

Sold~ Thankyou so much! 

Sold! Thankyou so much!

Sold~ thankyou so much!

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Barbara Brown said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! They are so SWEET!!! I don't know how you find time to come up with such wonderful ideas!!! LY, Mom

Anonymous said...

So sweet!