Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Paris, Day 5..part 1

Bonjour La Joconde!

   Saturday I was up at 3:30 am to get to the train station to go to Paris~ Since I missed getting a picture of Platform 9 & 3/4 the other day for the children (Mendy is on her way to Hogwarts!) at King's Cross Station~ we popped over on our way to St. Pancras Station~ which is just across the courtyard basically....
 One thing great about being there so early in the morning....there wasnt anyone there!

   This is our car on the high speed train to Paris from London~ it was about a 2 hour trip is all. The service and breakfast was excellent.

  We arrived at Gare du Nord Train Station at 0922...but because Paris is an hour ahead of London, it was already nearly 10:30....eeeekkkk so much time gone by in the day....and when you only have a day in hit the ground running!

  A quick trip on the Metro and we were at the Carousel~ one doesnt even have to come up above ground level to get to the Museum

  From the underground metro tunnels the area just suddenly opens up in to a big cavernous space

 and Voi~ la! The entrance to the Louvre Museum is  just on the other side of the inverted glass pyramid

 There were two things on my must see list~ one was the Mona Lisa, or La Joconde as she is known in French....and the other was Vermeer's Lace Maker.  The Mona Lisa was indeed magical~ she is in a large room with an entire wall all to herself...there is a glass in front so a bit of a glare, but amazing just the same. I honestly, never ever thought I would lay my own eyes on her, ever, in my lifetime. 
 Everywhere one went in the museum was spectacular~ in this hall was crown jewels...but who is looking down, when the ceiling is so magnificent?!

  The painting of the fairies first caught my eye...I thought they were angels, then I looked closer and realized they were fairies....and then I looked even closer, and realized the painting was surrounded by sculpted fairies!!!!

 We then spent what seemed like forever trying to find the wing the Dutch paintings were in....but on the way, many spectacular things to see~ the Spinx....the inside of an Egyptian tomb...a person could spend a week in the Louvre and it wouldnt be enough time

 We saw the Venus de Milo...she looks quite good for being carved from marble in 120...BC! 

After snaking around the Louvre we finally discovered the Dutch paintings were out on loan, all of we were off to get some lunch....we came out of the museum and I was taking a picture of the big glass pyramid and the reflecting pools...and as I turned around...there it was. Do you see it there? Just to the right behind me? 3 years of French I took in school...oldest daughter and I have always loved it....and I really, really never ever thought I would ever get to see it in person....but oh. my. golly. there IT is. Its a good thing my glasses turn dark outside, cause I am crying like a baby in this picture. 
XOXOXOX::::Thankyou Mendy & Stacey:::XOXOXOX

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Barbara Brown said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! I want to go and spend a MONTH at the Louvre!! And YES.... I SEE IT!!!!! So cool!!!
LY, Mom