Thursday, September 14, 2017

2017 Limited Edition Heirloom Ornament Kit Available

Winter Queen

I am happy to announce that this year's 2017 limited edition heirloom embroidered ornament kit, Winter Queen, is now available for preorder sale on my Diamond K Folk Art blog here.  I hope to ship them by 20 October, or a little before

Gloves of Elizabeth Stuart~ (19 Aug 1596~13 Feb 1662) Electress of  the Palatinate 

This year's ornament will be extremely limited. I have had quite a challenge this year obtaining enough quantity of the materials within the kit to be able to offer it for sale. Real gold threads, real cultured seed pearls and gilt tinsel handmade in Germany were all extremely difficult for me to acquire...and to top it all off, the dye lot of my dutchess silk satin has been discontinued. The amount of kits I will be able to offer is just a fraction of the amount of kits I sold last if you are interested, honestly speaking, I would not hesitate.

Everything you need to make up an ornament is included in the kit, minus a slate embroidery frame and a certain silk...if you so desire to make up the 'secret' element to the ornament~ tho it can be made without~ just check out my Diamond K Folk Art blog page to find out what her secret is!

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