Saturday, September 23, 2017

U.K., Day 4

A Most Blessed Day....
  Friday morning saw us at Paddington Station bright and early for our journey to Windsor for a private viewing of the Queen's Casket before the castle opened for tours
I have to say, that I was, and still am very impressed with the state of all the public transportation in the U.K. The stations were so very clean, there was always someone to help if you needed it, and not once did I ever feel my person was in danger~ the security at all was always present~ and everything ran along smoothly just like clockwork. 

 Windsor Castle could be seen easily from the train as we made our arrival....I tried to contain my excitement and act like an adult....but really on the inside I was madly hopping up and down like a child screaming  ' I'm here.. I'm Here!!!!'  I wish I could have had the entire day to spend at the Castle...but a go. go! GO!! no time for doddling about!!!!

It was a beautiful day weather wise too~ just perfect. Everything was so green, and the sky so blue~ everywhere one looked was a picture postcard.  This is looking down the street toward the train station, where we had just come from.

First stop was the pass office to check in. Ahead of our visit we had to file all the required security paperwork so we were in and out like a flash

  We entered the Castle thru the service entrance, which, as you can see, was quite secure 

 If you have never seen Windsor Castle,  it really is huge~ not just 'a castle'...but more like an little city within its walls.

 The moat garden was beautiful~ it's never ever had water in it~ always been a garden.  The viewing of the Queen's Casket was most wonderful, dare I say even magical~ you can click the link to see it. After our viewing we went on the castle tour

 Before we left I got to watch the changing on the guard~ I just could not go to England and not see a changing of the guard!

 From Windsor, we hired a driver to take us to Witney in Oxford for a visit to Witney Antiques

 Joy always has the highest quality of antique English embroideries & furnishings~ she did have a beadwork basket for sale...but honestly if I could have bought just one thing, it would have been the 17th c highchair in the center of the picture here. It. was. unbelievable. :::sigh:::

 From Witney, we were off across the countryside to see another 17th c embroidered casket.  One of the things I loved about traveling on the roads, is that the roadways are literally cut out from the trees...its like one is traveling along inside a hedge!

 And. Oh. my. Golly! The thatched roof cottages. This is the first one I saw with my own eyes as we were zipping along. No words...there are just no words 

 We arrived at Milton Manor  just in time for a tour~ it was a unique, magical place and my visit will be emblazoned on the front of my brain for the rest of my life

  When we were planing our trip, on my 'must have to do' list was going to Beaconsfield to eat the the Royal Standard Pub. Being the kindred spirits there are, my Dear friends fit it into our schedule as a surprise

 Not only did we get to go, but they had reserved the very table that I had always dreamed I would sit one day. How can thanks ever be adequate to those who make ones dreams come true?  The Royal Standard is the oldest pub in England~ go check out the link for a virtual tour video!

 Enjoying a  local pint (Chilton) with the best friends ever~ how could the day get any more perfect?

I'll tell you how~ a half portion of fish and chips with peas!!


Barbara Brown said...

So COOL!!! Well, now you've outdone your've had "beers" in England!! Ha! Ha!

Janet said...

I love following you step by step through your travels! Thank you for sharing.