Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pick A Number!

Snoopy Sundays....Picky Peeks......Number Nibbles????
 I feel so bad that I get busy and dont get the time to post regularly about pieces in my collection~ so I came up with a little something new~ I think ya'll will enjoy it and it could really be fun! The point is to share something new from the collection each weekend~ may be just a little nibble, like the picture above....or it could be a big post....dont know! The fun part is that I wont have any say in what gets picked~ you do!  So pick a number between 1 and 922....why 922??? This is how many pieces that I have catalogued so pick a number and post it in the comments, and I will put those in a hat, and have Pip draw one out, and that will be the post for that weekend. I am really looking forward to this actually, it will force me to photograph things I havent yet...and give me a really great excuse to make time for sharing the textiles with  everyone!
  Since I just pulled this guy from the freezer, Ill start with him~ no. 918~(918.2016.41). This is a closeup of the top of a boy's brown wool hat, c1865-70. Patent leather edging, with silk covered buttons, cord and chenille trim.  If you are wondering why it was hanging out in the freezer, it was to kill any stray wee beasties!  I am very careful to not introduce any bugs into my storage, so when I get something new, its get s a thorough check for insects, eggs, seeds....bug carcasses.....anything living that would want to feast on the fibers.  Hats are particularly hard to check, because there are so many nooks and crannies, and in this instance, so much area on the inside one cannot get into to they go into the freezer for at least 2 weeks. Wools in particular are so very fragile and susceptible to moth damage, one can never be too careful!

 So please leave me a comment for a number~ you can post up to three numbers!!


Barbara Brown said...

OK, here are my three for the week....31, 121 and 715. :-) This looks like it will be fun. Don't forget to not do the weekends you will be here! LY, Mom


hmmm - 14, 248 and 613! I think this is a great idea - lots of fun and very motivating. Now I just have to finish my small for the exchange and then start posting more photos from Schorsch on Ning CoC...I really should get you a thumb drive, though. elisabeth in CT

Mendy Bowman said...

111(my old house number, 146 (my new house number!), and 800 (where I work!)

Rachael Kinnison said...

thankyou Ladies! there are some great ones in these numbers!! Im diggin 'Museum Monday' so I think Ill go with it and first post will be this next Monday! all numbers will stay in the basket for Pip to pick if your number isnt picked for this Monday, it could be the next Monday~ ect ect. I cant wait!

p miller said...

both houses I have lived in have had the same numbers -713 - that sounds good to me.
p miller

Rachael Kinnison said...

ohhh Priscilla thats a GREAT number!!! one of my favorite pieces! I have already added it to the draw lot...hope Pip picks me a good one today!