Saturday, May 07, 2016

My Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
 Firstly, I want to wish my own Mom a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being my Mom! XOXOXOX
 And as for me....What better Mother's Day present is there than your son being inducted into the National Honor Society? Am so proud of my lil Joshie....but I suppose, since hes over 6' tall now, I should probably start calling him Josh....It was fun looking thru the membership book after his ceremony to find his big sisters name pressure for his two other sisters or anything......
  I have been tidying up a few loos ends here and there....I have kept this piece of maple for years now, waiting for just the right something....I only had the one piece, so resawed it to stretch it out a bit further...and look at this, a travel case made and still bits left over! Awesome!!
  Bath Arbor Ladye must travel across the pond in style with a case made just for her!
 We had a blizzard last day of April and the power went out so I spent the day working on my Rug, I got all his planks finished and now just have the border left.
 Am also full steam ahead on my flat top casket panels~ I had debated on weather or not to do them one at a time, but because of what Ill be using for the embroidery I wanted to work them all at made me some scrap frames and stands and here they all are, standing tall like soldiers awaiting their orders!
 Since I won the flat top casket in the Thistle Threads Beaded Basket contest, I thought it only fitting that it needs to be embroidered in beads....I have been hoarding and saving and have over 200 different colors of antique micro beads....of coarse, the first thing I went to work on, couldn't find the right color! LOL  I really do want to see how close I can stick to my "beads only" rule....but I am sure there will be other materials interspersed. I am using tiny micro beads, so any technique you can think of in stumpwork with silks....I am going to try in beads~ should be pretty interesting!
 It was kind of  hard to choose my designs...well, I have a million designs in my head, what was hard was choosing what designs would go on the flat top, and what ones would go on my double casket.... I decided the flat top will have all of my favorite things on it....unicorns, mermaid, angels, snails, animals and roses roses roses everywhere! I should be able to get quite a  bit of detail with the beads Im using, all are 30 or more beads per inch....the weensie teensie ones!

 I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend & make some time to do something that makes you happy!


Janice Gail said...

Happy Mother's Day Rachael! Looks like you won't be just sitting today, or any other day soon. Have fun!

Barbara Brown said...

Thanks Honey, You have a super GREAT "Day", too.
Love You, Mom