Monday, May 23, 2016

Museum Monday!

c1805 Girl's Crimson Gown & Spencer Jacket 213.2003.46

 Today's Museum Monday lucky number is 213!  I never tire of revisiting this gown and it matching Spencer jacket.  If you have been a regular blog reader you may remember it, but if not~ here is a more detailed post, gosh, almost 8 years ago!  Enjoy!



Thank you so much! Museum Mondays are awesome (even if it does take 'til Thursday to see it!) - I love the dress. It's amazing how the color stayed fast and that the linen is of an equally saturated hue, since linen is so hard to dye - all that and the fact that it was modeled eight years ago - What does Emma think of it now? Elisabeth in CT

Patricia said...

Really wonderful!!