Saturday, August 22, 2015


So its going to be one of Those days is it????

  :::sigh:::  I know better~ but it was cold this morning and I put on a long sleeve sweater to ink a frame....sleeve caught the bottle and ...good grief! A whole bottle of ink spilt on the floor, my hands, my pants, the table~ at least I was quick enough to save the frame from getting anything on it it wasnt supposed  to. Im off to have a cup of tea!!


Janet said...

Argh! I've had days like that. A cup of tea sounds good. I hope the rest of the day is better.

Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

Oh dear Rachael ~ I hope that cup of tea helped ~ xoxoxo

Janice Gail said...

I think you deserve something stronger in with that tea! I'm so sorry the day started off that way. Hope it got better!

Barbara Brown said...

Where were you at? In your museum? At your dining room table?? Did you have papers on the floor? What part of your house now has a new "memory" permanently installed??
:-) LY, Mom

Rachael Kinnison said...

Yes...something stronger with the tea..some ice! really WAS that kind of a day. I have scrubbed and scrubbed, I still have black fingernails. Mom~
yes I was in my studio at a small glass table that is now permanently decorated in Rorschach decor....I was able to get most off the floor with alcohol, tho not between the boards, and there are 'artistic' spatters here and there....a memory I would like to forget but lesson reinforced to NEVER wear long sleeves while working!