Monday, August 17, 2015


 So Many Holes!
   I have been working 12+ hours a day this past week catching up on my slate frame orders~ I do love making them, but many holes!  I make each and every frame, myself. With these two hands. Every hole you see gets drilled from one side, then the other, so each slat is drilled twice....then, each one of those peskly little holes gets sanded~ yes, each individual hole, from both sides! One of the last steps before paint and finishing is beveling, so each and every hole again gets another once over to slightly bevel the outer edge~ thats a LOT of holes!  These were the frame I made this week~ some oak and poplar, and yes, you see right, some black walnut~ YUM!
Here is a picture of them ready for paint and/or varnish.  The walnut I partially made in Pa's shop when I was at home, from some scraps he had in the attic...then finished them here at home. This week is painting~ and I have some really fun frames to paint~ all sorts of different flowers...monograms...some 'surprise' in whoever doesnt exactly know what theirs will look like ( I love those!) ...and golly I even get to paint pirate ships and skeletons! By the way, a clue may be there too for my next thread palette....

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Janice Gail said...

Has the walnut frame been spoken for? The skeletons sound wonderful-Day of the Dead is coming up!