Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So proud of my Graceful Ladies~

  I am so proud of my new bunn feet! Here is a set while in process of being gilded~ before being burnished~ they are so awesome!
  I have always admired this type of foot~ not big and bold like so many of the bunn feet are, but very graceful and petite~ the most delicate looking of all feet I think. The above casket was sold by Christies in 2010~ I really like its feet~
 And this is a photo of T.98~1967 at the V & A Museum~ I like how the casket looks elevated above the feet~ so my design is kind of in the middle of these last two~ with long graceful neck and curvy body but still retaining a nice fat pot belly base
  Here they are installed on my Thistle Threads Flat Top casket. To me, the feet are just as important as the cabinet, they can either add to, or detract from the overall period impression
  A side view affords a look at their sleek profile. I like a more Roman Gold or matte,aged look to the finish, so did not burnish them to a high gloss after applying  22k gold leaf.
 My daughter thinks they look like chocolate drops, which, I guess they do~ just the kind of chocolates I like~ no calories!  Hand turned from maple and so smooth~ if you decide you would like to have a set, their finish is so buttery smooth, no sanding or gesso base is needed before gilding.  I call them my Graceful Ladies~ so pretty and curvy!
Of coarse my double casket from Thistle Threads is getting a set too~ I may flute these, I havent decided yet~ need to finish my flat top first!
 If you really love them and would like to purchase a set, you can find them in my Diamond K Folk Art Blog shop~ just click the link to the right.

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