Sunday, March 08, 2015

And so it Begins....

The first stitches are In!

   As there seems no sign of Spring in the weather here, at least it is so in my stitching! I am so excited to have finally set the first stitches on my flat top casket!  Now don't everyone go emailing me asking where the beads are! The outside will be beaded, but for the inside lid door panels, I am working them in long & short stitch to keep the work flat and less bulky, otherwise they will not open and may interfere with the top of the scent bottles in the tray. I am using a cream color dutchess silk satin, and so far, love love love it! Its so much easier on my eyes than that wicked beautiful emerald green I used on my trinket box. I like to work this type stitching from the top down, so I am not laying my hand on the finished embroidery.  Its so fun and exciting to start a new project~ as usual all I want to do is work on it...but as busy as I am, it will have to get fit in a few stitches here, a few there, between building cases and making dollies. Keep your eye out for the new issue of Prims coming out in April...hint hint!

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