Friday, March 13, 2015

New Olde Eyes for Dollye

Some things just really bother me.....

 This olde girl's eyes have driven me crazy from the second we met~  Not only are they set all wrong~
 But they are at least three sizes too small, hastily replaced who knows how long ago along with her body. She is an early girl~ a wonderful  large mid 19th c pressed K.V. china head, nearly 7" tall with size 14 in black paint inside the shoulders~ and since on a replaced body  I have no bother taking the head off and removing these horrid eyes!  It is insensitive repairs like this that I really don't understand~ how could someone put in such small eyes one can literally see inside her head all the way around them? Poor girl~ Mummy will fix you all up.
  After removing the weensie sleep eyes, on lead  rocker no less.... here is a view of inside her head~ you can see if you look close, the seam where the back of her head was cut out to cut the sockets for her original glass eyes.

 We have spent this cold rainy day inside having some fun, trying on all sorts of different color eyes~ I really like this pair~ all of the eyes we have tried are period correct, antique eyes~ any of which she could have had originally.  We are trying for color~ I am just holding them in with my fingers, while taking a picture with my other hand, so they tend to be a little wonky pupil wise.

  This set is a brighter blue that really makes her look happy and cheerful
 This blue is the latest of the colors, the tone works well with her skin tone, but so many dollys have this color eyes....
  The brown I really like too, one doesnt see many brown eye dollys...  The first picture is the letter A color below~
Here you can see how subtle the color change between them is~ feel free to comment and let me know which color is your favorite!!


Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I think I like C the best. But, I am sure seeing it in person is different from just seeing a picture. I am sure you will make the doll look much better with the proper size eyes.

Barbara Brown said...

I think I like B. She's so pale (actually white) that the light blue suits her color. She's much too fair to be a brown eyed, black haired beauty or a blue eyed Indian (which tribe was it that had blue eyes, Sioux or Apache, I think it was one of those), anyway, she could be one of the black haired, blue eyed Irish (or Scotch....I think it's Irish, though), I vote for letter B. :-)
LY, Mom

kitty said...

hmmm...I have dark eyes and very fair skin - so I like the idea of that last one, puts me in the mind of a black eyed Susan! On the other hand, B really did look the most 'normal', even though it's a really common color.