Monday, January 19, 2015

Wm Cooper, a Queen Anne Gentleman

 I keep getting asked if I still make dolls~ the answer is yes! More than ever! The majority of them are custom orders, so much so that between my stitching classes and them, there are very few that ever get on eBay. I wanted to share this fellow with you, he was a special order for Christmas this year...well, I guess last year now!  I have only ever made a hand full of male Queen Anne dolls, and I am so proud of Master William!  I love shoes~ everyone knows that, and on my dollys, their shoes always come first!
 Certain features define a male face, for me~ it is a broader nose and larger eyes than I give my girls. Men are so much more involved than women when it comes to dressing, they are terrifically difficult...but fun at the same time.  They have so many different textures to think about~ buckles everywhere...buttons everywhere...silks and linens ...coarse and fine~ they are at all wrapped up into one. Here Wm is dressed in his at home attire~ shoes, breeches, long sleeve linen shirt, kerchief and waistcoat
 He is off to work ~tricorn under his arm, with wig and coat on!  He wears a full skin wig that I styled with typical side curls~ it can be removed, combed out and washed and restyled. The back is drawn back into a que and contained in a black silk bag, popular toward the late 18th c
  Such a gentleman~ he was a gift intended as a suitor for another Queen Anne Ladye my customer had me make for them a few years ago
 I didn't want him to be a Dandy, with too many frills and frippery~ but a representation of an honest, hard working upper class gentleman
A gentleman for one of my own Ladye's is on the wish list for this year~  As for dollys for offer~ you will be meeting fresh faces soon!


Judi Hunziker said...

Oh my, he is so handsome, wonderful details!

Barbara Brown said...

I'll bet the lady this was made for was SO surprised when she opened her gift!!
He turned out so perfectly COOL!!
LY, Mom

Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

William is SO nifty. I WANT him bad!!! His costuming is amazing and i LOVE his huge eyes and that expression on his face is so funny. The wig makes him look just perfect for the period ~ oh heck ~ I LOVE everything about him Rachael ~ you are SO talented!