Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The First of Many Planned 2015 Finishes!

A 17th c Style Stumpwork Embroidered Trinket Box

 I wanted to have my little box done by Christmas, but, if you have read my post on the blasted soie ovale, you will understand why! I do like how it turned out, and even more, that its FINISHED!!!!  WOO HOO!
  All sides are different~ I used it to practice and try threads and stitches I have never done before....kind of like a mini sampler, so I am pretty proud of it. The inside is tufted silk, and it sits up on 4 carved fluted bunn feet.  Emma made me the beautiful candle box it is sitting on for Christmas this year
 The roses to each side of the lion are made up of several detached needlelace petals edged in minuscule gold wire. I edged the motifs in real gold gilt threads, which makes it absolutely twinkle! I will add a video to the last of this in hopes you may appreciate it even more and perhaps want to try it for yourself!  (my padded mirror case does NOT have to be worked in beads you know!)
 Ladye leopard is sitting on a mound of silk chenille, with an iris to one side, and fringed tulip to the other~ I worked real feathers into the petal edges
 The ends are a different arrangement of the same design, the other one has my initials. All is edged in antique gold trim, quite similar to what was used in the 17th c
I love 17th c embroidered book bindings~ often found on little prayer books and such~ the lid I designed after some of my favorite motifs and popular techniques used on them. There are beads on the strawberries, little detached wings on the top butterfly, the caterpillar is done in silk wrapped purl and little snail has a wonderful spiral shell worked in trellis stitch. A wee dainty & quite girly pretty box~ daughter asked me what I will put in it now....and I told her its for all of my most precious Dreams


Barbara Brown said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!! Tell Emma her candle box fits your trinket box perfectly and is so COOL!! I love them both!
LY, Mom

Unknown said...

O M G ........ FANTASTIQUE Rachael!!! Another 17th C item ticked off your To Do List and it is every bit as amazing as the others...well done... :-)

Unknown said...

Exquisite Rachel!

pamina....stitch said...

Your box is so exquisite and inspirational ! Laurence