Friday, January 30, 2015


   I have made good progress on my flat top casket~ I have the entire inside finished and am ready to start the embroidery! WOO HOO!  I have a few things to tidy up paperwork and such boring things....but soon, beads will be flying! This is the inside tray covered in hand marbled paper. Pink and gold are my inside lining colors and I love how they go together! Little box in the back will have a pincushion on top of it, the one to the front will be partially lined in velvet with slots for rings
   Silk lining now in place, and the bottom secret drawer finished. I lined the bottle cavities in velvet
  Pin cushion is covered in  pink silk taffeta on the sides, with velvet cushion on the top.  I had the perfect weensie antique gold metal lace for around the edge. Inside is stuffed with a mix of goat hair and sheep's wool to keep any pins nestled within from rusting.
 I like how its come together so far~ I made three separate secret compartments within the lid~ the two doors will be covered with embroidery. I patterned it after one of my favorite caskets at the Fitzwilliam Museum. I just cant say how excited I am to work on it~ but I hope it shows and I hope all my readers making up one will get really jazzed about theirs and post their progress!! There is nothing better than seeing a friends progress to get the creative juices flowing~ thats why stitch along's are so much fun...and so productive! Speaking of productive.....
 Just look at the progress Raewyn has made on her padded mirror case! She is having loads of fun working on it, which makes me so happy too and even more excited to start up my beadwork again!  You can follow her progress on her blog ~ how exciting to know I have padded mirror cases all around the world~ it makes my heart smile!


Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

I think I need to just 'do it', that box covering process is quite intimidating when you just think about it as a whole thing but when you step back a bit and use some nouse it feels more doable! I do have the skills and even the music box after reading and re-reading your post and the installation instructions on the better music box site seems possible ~ I LOVE how you LOVE to inspire others!
Beads have been on hold this week as I tackle the border piecing of that darn Mountmellick ~

Madison Partner said...

I was wondering if you glued the hand made paper directly to the wood or put on the special paper first then glued paper to paper.

Rachael Kinnison said...

HI Madison~
Hand made paper gets glued directly to the wood~ in many cases, there is only room allowance for a single layer of paper~ for example, if you put two layers of paper on the outside of the secret drawer in the pincushion, it WILL NOT fit!