Monday, June 21, 2021

Hand Sculpted Bespoke Figures for Stumpwork

 Precious Ones...Sooooo Tiny

I sculpt figures for stumpwork embroidery from papier mache to whatever pattern I am given. I don't use any kind of molds, ever. The faces are usually about the size of my thumbnail, like the ones above. Even without paint, they are characters! My latest ones though, I just had to share~

I was asked to make a set of seven figures that are... oh my golly... soooooo tiny! I have never sculpted this small before and it was a serious challenge to get features this minute to be visible from a distance.

Each is boxed individually to help protect them until they are ready to be attached to the embroidery. I sculpt each set directly over their full size pattern to ensure they are a perfect fit.

Such tiny delicate little hands and fingers~ they were seriously hard to hold onto to even sculpt. I now with 100% certainty realize the limit to what I can and cannot sculpt. I know I couldn't go any smaller than these ladies!

Large or small, if you would like me to make you a set of figures for your embroidery, just drop me an email to

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