Saturday, January 25, 2020

19th c Tinder Ad?

 Regency Male Seeking Female Companionship....
 lolol Ok I just couldnt resist!  I love Thomas Henry to death~ hes such a nice fellow...hard working....compassionate, kind~ but hes been a bit depressed as of late because all his friends are talking about what they are making for their true loves this Valentine's Day...and he alas, is alone. 
I keep telling him he needs to quit reading so many books and get out and meet people...but he's pretty shy. 
As you can see he is a Handsome fellow!  I told him I would ask my readers, if they should know of any young Grodnertal or Peg Wooden that is looking for companionship?

Mr. Tipton suggested they go to towne and look for a fresh new silk Top Hat to bring his spirits up....and whilst there, will have a proper photo better put on his coat so they can be off!

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