Friday, August 10, 2018

New 2019 Classes

Dogs & Berries in Beads!
 I have literally been working my tuccass off this year designing new classes for next year~ these two I will be teaching at a private needlework seminar in Williamsburg next spring. Both are based on 17th c beaded raised work techniques~ this one, is D.O.G.....which stands for Duke of Gloucester, after Main street in Williamsburg. I affectionately just call him  'Duke'.  It is a fun challenge to see how many different techniques I can fit into a small project like this. 

  I am also teaching with modern beads this next year, to show that one can still get detail in a small space, with larger beads. They also are awesome to teach with, as they are easily obtainable...unlike the antique ones I usually use. Its easy to get enough beads for working something once...but when you have to make several of those over and over again for kits, its nearly impossible with antique beads.
This class focuses on surface techniques, and somewhat different from those I am teaching at the Bath Textile Summer School. I love how his tail is totally free from the ground!

 The other class I designed is 'Fruit of Thy Hands', which focuses on totally detached techniques, like those that would be used to embellish a basket frame. Students will learn the challenges of twilling over a shaped form, leaf techniques and how to assemble all the little pieces into something cohesive and pretty.

 Looks like something I would put in one of my casket drawers.....

I designed Duke to fit on a Thistle Threads Trinket Box top, but I framed mine....he looks like he may need something else around the outside edges to cover all that blank space....maybe some lace or something.... 

If your group is interested in having me come teach my techniques at your special event, just drop me a line~ my email is in the sidebar. 

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