Saturday, June 16, 2018

Early American Life Directory of Traditional American Crafts

Thankyou Early American Life!

   I just arrived back home from a trip up to Washington state to take the children to see my parents, and look what was in the post box waiting for me!  I am super proud to have been juried into the Directory for my 11th consecutive year this year!  Pomme, seen above right, traveled to Jamestown Va for her photoshoot~ she has told me all about the friends and interesting people she met while there. Tho Pomme was pictured in the magazine, I sent two dollys in for my entry this year, Pomme, and her little sister Spoon.

They are worked in two different mediums, Pomme is all mache with cloth legs, and Spoon is in wood...but I think they came out looking alot alike. I wanted little spoon to be more primitive and gave her a very tall forehead...her head shape is that of a spoon, hence her name, Spoon!
My son asked if there would be a 'fork' coming up, to which I am not thinking so...but one never knows. 

 I am working on my classes for next year, and have some dollys in the works as well, so hopefully I will become better at juggling my time and you will be seeing some new faces here soon!  Ill be starting the next panel on my casket as well~ I cant wait!  

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