Tuesday, May 29, 2018

on eBay this week!

My New 1850 Rose Needlework Needfuls....

  Do ya'll remember the reproduction I made last year of the red rosebud winder? I really loved that simple design, and since my lil roses outside are just starting to bloom, they inspired me, along with that early winder, to paint some roses to share. These three pieces bloomed forth...and just look at that cunning little maple ort pot or jar up in the right hand corner~ Oh . MY. golly it came out so cute!  I love this grouping for another reason~ I get asked all the time if such and such a wood would go with something else the person has....nothing explains it better than a picture~ that different wood species look great together! The winder in front is sycamore, the palette is red oak, and the pot is maple...and I think they go together great!  If you would like to see better pictures of them, or perhaps place a bid,  you can find them, along with some antique needlework things, on my current eBay auctions here.

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