Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10th Consecutive Year in EAL Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen

 Thankyou Early American Life

 I am honored, and humbled to have been chosen again this year to be part of Early American Life Magazine's 2017 Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen~ for the 10th consecutive year!  This is very special to me. Each and every time I sell a dolly, I hope that when they arrive to their new home, they will be loved and appreciated as much as the love and appreciation, and heart that I put into each and every single one. Each year when I select my entry, I worry that they wont be good enough to be listed~ I  never ever have a thought that getting in is a given, as it is not. Each year is a new panel of expert Judges, Artists and Museum curators that I have to introduce my work to for the first time.  Only the top selection for each category is called to submit their pieces for photography, and again this year I was called to have Msr Isaac Hamilton & Patience travel to Elfreth's Alley in Pa.  What an honor ~I cannot describe in words how special this is to me! Alas, since they now make their home in New Zealand, they could not make the trip in time in person, but will be there in spirit, along with all the other 2017 top entries.

As a celebration of my 10th year in the Directory, I believe a new dollye(or two) is in order....a new, special edition dolly that their will only be two of....  one for me, and one to share on eBay.  She is will be special, and very close to my heart, so be watching for her debut when the Directory comes out in August!


Donna Courchaine said...

Rachael, congratulations! I think I have every EAL Directory ever published. You SHOULD be excited to be included for so many years.
Donna Courchaine

Janice Gail said...

Congratulations!! How about posting pictures of the wonderful couple?

Reconstructed Fabulousness said...

So awesome Rachael, and so especially stoked that my dollies were so well received as I surely know how much time, love and dedication you put into there coming to pass ~ I walk past them every day as they are right at the top of the stairs on the way to my bedroom ~ I LOVE THEM BOTH ~ xoxoxo


Congratulations Rachael! I'm with Janice, could some extensive images be shared? And Raewyn, you must be so proud to know your dollies are being considered in such a prestigious event!