Monday, March 13, 2017

Springing Ahead!

Bath Textile Summer School 2017 ~ Just around the corner!

I apologize for letting the blog get away from me for a few weeks! I have been busy with a zillion different things it seems~ got the taxes out of the way and that was a huge task I am glad to be finished with.  I have been working on making the basket frames for the Bath Arbor Basket class in England this summer~ there is no welding here! I am using copper coated steel rod to work up the frames and its been murder on my poor fingers. I have about another solid weeks work on them to get them all finished. For those of you who have been emailing to ask, yes, class is full & on wait list, and no, I am not planing on teaching this particular class in the US~ this is a special, very special, class only for the Bath Textile Summer School.

    If you are in class, look for your materials list to come out in April, which will have everything you need to bring that will not be in your kit~ tools and such. I  have been asked if  I can provide a color choice option for m/Lady's gown, and that answer is a firm no. All the beads included in our kit are antique, and the logistics and time it would take me to work up & find coordinating colors of antique beads is just something Im not even going to get into. So,  in the class kit there will be all antique beads provided to work your Ladye in a blue gown, like is shown on the cover of the class pamphlet~ exactly those beads actually~ but if you would like to work your girl in a different color, say, yellow or pink...I will give you bead amounts and sizes you will need to look for that you can bring to class with you. (Kits will remain same price, and antique blue palette beads included even if you want to work your girl in a different color)

I am still busy making and painting slate frames and palettes~ I try and rotate things I am working on evenly to keep wait times to a minimum. I have been working on a little something special for eBay too, that is just about ready to paint that I'm pretty excited about....just to tease you a little!!

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