Friday, July 08, 2016

New Blackwork Thread Palette Set

Hand Painted 17th c Blackwork
 Recently a customer ordered a set of slate frames and when I asked how she wanted them painted, she said "Paint whatever makes you happy". Is that awesome or what??  I have always loved blackwork embroidery~ the early 17th c style~ not the cross stitch that folks think of today that is labeled as such. Early blackwork is basically done in outline stitch, with any shading done in speckling or fil turk. If you have followed my blog for some may remember I did an inked jacket based on this coif quiet a while ago. Along with this coif, the V&A has several fragments of what is believed to be a jacket, in same pattern. I drafted my own version of the pattern using all the pieces and some others found held privately. I have wanted to make a painted version for f-o-r-e-v-e-r...and so, I took the opportunity to paint up a blackwork slate frame.
 The design is first drawn on by hand with india ink using a dip pen...(did you that steel tip pens were in use in the early 1720s?.....most think of them as replacing quills in the late 19thc)
 After I have the outlines on, then I go back and add black shading~ I really love how it came out...I think an entire box would look stunning! The slat on the bottom is without shading, the top slat is finished.
 I left all the pictures large on this post today, so you can click on them to see details easier~ This is a large frame, and looks quite nice just hanging out when not in use. I am totally jealous of my customer having a blackwork frame and I think I may need to paint me the mean time, I made up a thread palette set~
  using a fragment of same pattern~ I think a must have for anyone who loves blackwork embroidery!  If you are interested in it, or would just like to see more pictures~ it is available on eBay this week here .


Janice Gail said...

That quilt is breath taking, too. Looks like a combination of New York Beauty and a Baltimore Album. Wow.

Barbara Brown said...

Need more "Monday" numbers? How bout 734, 893 and 231. :-)
LY, Mom

Diane Guidice said...

Wow. Have always loved blackwork.