Friday, July 15, 2016

Exploring an1820 Mache Doll

Welcome home M'Ladye~

  This new Ladye has found her way here to her new forever home. She is huge~ 26" tall, and all original on her kid milliner's model body, and I just couldn't be more excited to share her with you all~
 Upon her arrival, as the tea was brewing for our long awaited chat, as she stepped out of her traveling carton.... oh no! What is this I see gently sifting down from her skirts?  Poor girl is a trail of wood chips leaking from her detached legs! So instead of a single hello greeting, she has agreed to let you all follow along as we carefully remove her many layers to repair her legs~ a common problem with this early type of body. So check back often for a very special journey to meet this Grande Ladye~

1 comment:

Diane Guidice said...

WOW !!! Can't wait !! How unique and beautiful !